Gore Tex Coveralls Waterproof Jumpsuit Hunting Fishing Work Suit Made in USA | eBay

Well, I bought a pair of these Gore-Tex coveralls a while back and I thought I would do a quick review. They are absolutely 100% waterproof and they are breathable. I paid less for mine and they are pretty much identical to these but, mine have no pockets.
I did the waterproof test earlier when I first got them.
Today I decided to see how they did in cold weather to test the "windproof" feature.
So...earlier this morning I had three vehicles to get the snow and ice off of and I went out before it got too light out since they look modestly humorous when wearing them.

I just put them on wearing only a pair of socks and a pair of Fruit Of The Loomers because I figured I would also see how warm they were.

They are not really intended to be "stand alone" cold weather protection but, I thought I would check that out anyway.

The outside temperature was 24 degrees F and winds were a slight 5 MPH. I did some snow shoveling also while I was out there and my best guess is that I was out for about 50 minutes.

I was not warm but, I was not cold either and I could have stayed out longer.

In short. I missed not having the pockets. With a pair of warm pants and a shirt and T-Shirt on underneath I absolutely could have stayed out for hours at 24 F.

These being 100% waterproof and breathable are their most valuable features. In a survival scenario if you are wet and/or soaked with sweat and the temperature falls. You are in HUGE TROUBLE unless you can quickly get warm and dry.

So if you need to set up camp, build a shelter, rain is imminent, darkness is coming, temps are dropping, these would be worth their weight in Mountain House Foods.

Weight wise these are not too heavy but, (when you are humping it) everything weighs something so I really needed to find out if it these earned a spot in the Bug Out Bag & I think (for sure) that they have done that and I can eliminate a rain poncho and a couple of pieces of clothing.

My suggestion is to BUY THEM LARGER than you think you will need since you will be wearing clothes beneath them. As a "PLUS" if they end up being too large then that is just extra "dead air space" inside which also spells additional warmth and that is a good thing in chilly weather.

Anyway there you have it. A quick review of the Gore-Tex Waterproof Coveralls for possible survival apps.

BTW - The hood is a bit noisy because Gore-Tex is crunchy when it moves so I did not wear the hood and just had a cap on.
But, if it was a cold rain or sleet and not snow the waterproof hood would prove to be quite valuable.

This is not me but, it IS as funny as you will look wearing these.