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Are old Maglites worth keeping?

This is a discussion on Are old Maglites worth keeping? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If they're not corroded from the batteries leaking, and in good working order, I say keep em. We're all just one big storm away from ...

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Thread: Are old Maglites worth keeping?

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    If they're not corroded from the batteries leaking, and in good working order, I say keep em.

    We're all just one big storm away from needing every light we can get our hands on.
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    Are old Maglites worth keeping?-maglite-suppressor.jpg

    Maglite suppressor- okay, yes, I'm a little obsessed with it. I just think it's soooooo cool! And everyone knows gunfire draws zombies! :)
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    I replced the bulbs in my old D-cell Maglites with LED modules. They are fine for doing stuff around the house. When working, I carry a Streamlight Pro-Tac. 600 lumens from a light the size of a stubby cigar. Incredible.
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    Those aluminum barrels make great storage devices especially if the o-ring seal is still good. Re-purpose them as survival or cache containers.
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    I have upgraded all of my old Maglites from here: LED Upgrades for all Maglite Flashlights

    They are all at least three times brighter and the batteries last more than twice as long. Because of this use the best batteries available to help prevent leakage problems.
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    Yes keep them! or you can send them to me.
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    I dropped an LED conversion in my 2-D Mag.
    I got the conversion at Home Depot for about $14 if I remember correctly.
    It was the OEM MagLite drop-in.
    WAY better then the old Krypton incandescent.
    Its sitting at bedside, I use it around the house all the time.
    DO IT !
    dv8r has it right in post #20

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    When the power goes out, you can never have enough flashlights.
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    I've kept mine
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    Totally worthless.. Send 'em here and I'll dispose of them properly for you :)
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    I read an opinion somewhere that said it's a good idea to hang on to an old C or D cell light just to have for a SHTF type of scenario. If there is a shortage or run on batteries for whatever reason, the AA and AAA will be gone first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Why not, if it comes down to it a three or four D cell Maglight does make a very good social training aid.

    And I can send you my P.O. Box # if you're still looking to unload them.

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    Holding on to mine.
    two 5 D-cell lights and two 3 D-cell lights. There's a hand-full of AA cell units around here somewhere.
    It's easier to see when the grandkids are trying to sneak off with your D-cell units.
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    Got one in the jeep,it never hurts to have a backup light and if not going to be using it except in emergencies instead of leaving the batteries in it you could attach them externally so if needed insert them and voila light
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    I've got 4 or 5 of the large ones and about the same number of the mini-mags in the house and the vehicles. Had some of them for more that 25 years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I like 'em better than some of the LED lights I have purchased more recently. Just my .02. And I never get rid of anything that still works or can be fixed at a reasonable price or with a reasonable effort. Guess that comes from being born in the 40's. We didn't have a lot of "stuff" and made stuff last--unlike today's "disposable" society!
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