Betty, could you discuss your BOB?

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Thread: Betty, could you discuss your BOB?

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    Betty, could you discuss your BOB?

    In another thread, I used the acronym, BOB, which means \'bug out bag.\'

    To me, a BOB means a very portable knapsack of needed items for more than two weeks, but less than a month. It is a well thought-out, finite amount of needed items, used in a crisis to get you to a safer area. It is not really the stuff of wilderness camping, however, there are many better trained people than myself who could live comfortably with my choices.

    I\'ve read Betty\'s stuff, I think she\'s worlds ahead here. However, here is my stuff.

    First, the basics. My \'running pistol'is a Glock 27. Not that I like it, but it will run mucked up. I have three magazines and extra .40 ammo, not alot.

    I also have a Sears \'Work Knife.' This has got to be the cheapest, best knife I have seen, and it was designed by Ken Onion.

    I also carry many tool bits (Torx), and hex wrenches.

    I don\'t pack food. Many choose MREs. I feel that I\'m running towards safety, not from society. I have energy bars, perhaps chocolate.

    Here\'s the rest.
    Surefire and batteries.
    Folded foil blanket.
    Tissue and toilet paper. Hygiene products for the wife.
    Tea bags, coffee and some salt and spices.
    Small canteen.
    Bandages. Stretch bandage.
    Gas (butane) Gander Mountain Lighter and spare cannister.
    (Some prefer water-proof matches, I don\'t)
    Dry socks.
    Old drivers'license to prove identity.
    Some kind of tape.
    (I\'m looking for water purification tablets)

    These are personal choices. I\'d like your thoughts.

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    The Tourist ARE YOU PREPARED ?

    This web site might really help you out.
    Just click on the various listed kits & pick & choose what you think might be helpful in finding useful items for your BOB -
    I think you can get your H2O purification tabs there also.
    Are You Prepared ? Click Here

    Regardless; don\'t forget to add a triple antibiotic ointment & a suture kit & a small waterproof bottle of aspirin.

    And...don\'t forget the brandy!:D

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    I was going to have a thread on that, but being a bit on the lazy side, I was waiting for that other forum to come back online so I could copy/paste.

    Basically, it\'s supplies for three days - medical, food, water, survival implements, extra ammo, and really personalized needs like extra glasses.

    Tourist, you can get those water purificaiton tablets in the camping section of a sporting goods store. Mine came with a folding plastic water bottle.

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    That\'s what I thought. I work at a sporting goods store.

    When I poked around, I just found the usual \'camping'equipment. It appears that the stuff we stick in a BOB is considered more of a \'survival item'here.

    But, thanks folks, for the leads on the tablets. You have to realize that any accomodations without room service is \'survival'for my wife. If she heard the old biker gang was getting together she\'d ask who\'s catering the event.

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    By The Way

    My apologies to you both. I did not mean to intrude on this \"Betty Question\" post.
    I had just e-mailed a link to that site to my brother who was looking for a winter emergency \"trunk pack\" for his car (in case he gets stranded heading for the slopes) & just thought I would stick it here also.

    Betty...please don\'t sic one of your giant spiders on me!:(
    I\'ll be a good boy from now on.

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    Okay this link isn\'t really a\'s more like a list for comprehensive post and pre \"EVENT\" survival. It comes from the OTHER place I normally hang my hat: Free It\'s actually a homepage for freeper known as \"appalachian_dweller.\"
    It is extremely comprehensive and the only thing not really covered is the firearms question.....except as a cursory topic.

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    I think that any BOB whether big or small should have a water purifier. You by these backpackable ones for around 30 bucks that will purify about 50 gallons of water before you must change out the fliter.

    As one that goes on extended \"survival\" campouts, I can tell you that you cant carry enough water as it is too heavy. A purifier will do the trick. Ive drank from many mountain streams and even a puddle will work.The water tastes good and it is much safer. It takes up very little room and wieghs 2 pounds at the most.

    In an emergency of any sort that last more than a few days, WATER is a major concern.


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