are lasers a gimmick?

are lasers a gimmick?

This is a discussion on are lasers a gimmick? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just looking for thoughts on lasers for a carry weapon. It seems to me that in a defensive situation you wouldnt even have time to ...

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Thread: are lasers a gimmick?

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    are lasers a gimmick?

    Just looking for thoughts on lasers for a carry weapon. It seems to me that in a defensive situation you wouldnt even have time to use the laser for aiming. Maybe im just not that good, but I cannot find the laser fast enough for practical use. I understand the purpose for home defense, just not EDC.
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    I hate lasers...

    Why on earth someone would want to look for a tiny pinpoint of light on an attacker instead of just "putting metal on meat" is beyond me...

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    I don't have one and I do think they have a place in the firearms world... but not for self defense.
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    Try it FOF. Unlikely you will ever see the dot.
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    In a self defense situation, I'm not even sure I'd use my iron sites let alone a laser. If whom I need to stop is withing 5'ish yards even 7'ish I'm going to point and shoot quickly.
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    Lasers have their place like every other tool. And like every other tool one should not become dependent on them. For SD and HD I prefer night sights. But if you train with a laser you need to make sure that you don't freak out when you don't see the dot because of a failure. That hesitation and doubt can cost ya.
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    For some folks with various assorted vision related problems they can be a life saver. In many typical self-defense scenarios a laser would not be useful.
    In a few other types of scenarios like if things go radically wrong and your gun hand shoulder is hit and you are laying on the ground with an arterial bleed-out and ready to "black out" when the bad guy approaches wanting to "finish you off" with a coup de grâce - you may just wish that you had one.
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    Well, I would like to say this: it really doesnt matter what I am doing, at a distance between 7 and 20 feet, when I put the dot on something and pull the trigger there is a hole there shortly after. That, for me at least, is an advantage that I like to have at my disposal. I don't always have to use it but it's a good tool for me to have.

    I have CT lasers on all of my carry guns and for me they are a tool, not a gimmick.
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    Definitely a tool to assist you in difficult situations. Not everyone has perfect vision and their hands may shake a bit. Anything that could give you an advantage is worth it.
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    The use of a laser, with training, is an added tool for rapid acquisition of a target in both daylight and reduced light. I train on both fixed and moving targets and have decreased my time from the draw to fire and have increased my accuracy. The use of the laser does require training but IMO is well worth the added time and expense. I have a CT laser on all of my SD handguns to include two BUG's. The object of the game is to be the winner in a gunfight.
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    I installed a laser on my wifes EDC. It has certianly boosted her confidence. Does she use it when she trains? Probably not. At the 5-10 yard range I am sure she draws and pulls the trigger before she picks up on the laser, but if she thinks it helps...I like it!

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    They're not for me, but I wouldn't call them a gimmick.

    I prefer tritium.
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    For me they are a gimmick. Entertaining perhaps but I don't want to equip a firearm with one.

    They might have some application for dry-fire practice but I'm not interested enough to make the expenditure necessary to acquire one.
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    I find this an interesting topic. "Gimmick" -- I guess it depends on what that means and who is
    defining the term.

    I have been trying to purchase a plain Jane LCP for several months now. 2 LGSs haven't had them
    and a big box store advertised them, but didn't have them in-stock. Their on-line store's web site
    only showed the CT LCP; not withstanding their advertisement.

    I guess from a marketing point of view if you can get someone to shell out a 180 buck extra to make
    an EDC BUG look cool, it isn't a gimmick at all, its good business----that is from the marketers point of view it accomplishes
    something in the way of boosting their profits.

    From the SD buyer's point of view, well it depends on your preferences. I can't see it for the type of small
    lower caliber easy to carry guns folks buy for close-in defensive carry. As others have pointed out, you
    won't see the dot (or need it) when you are point shooting at 0-6 feet.

    I've watched folks show up at the range with laser sights, aim them at the target, and stand there while the
    dot marched randomly around the paper. If you can't hit a stationary target COM at 3 yards without relying
    on sights (let alone laser sights) you are not prepared for the most common of SD situations.

    And BTW if one of my local LGS folks or Big Box store folks happen to see this post and have an LCP come in,
    please send me a PM. ITS MINE!!!!!
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    For target practice it works great to show people what they are doing as to where the round ended up when they shot. Are you pulling the trigger, anticipating the bang. Works great. Also at night when the perp has a red dot on him he's more apt to leave. As we get older you don't need to use the sights. Also you can be behind a barricade not exposed and hit your target still aiming, keeping you out of harms way. Yes in a hurry shoot you have to be instinctive and know where your shooting without looking a sights. When sweeping a crowded room it commands attention and allows you to know where the gun is pointing without limiting your vision.

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