It has been a long time coming, but I finally have together what I believe is a capable emergency medical kit. More importantly the knowledge to put it to good use.

Let me give a little background. Three years ago during a camping trip a young boy was hit by a truck on the highway, and I was very nearly struck by the side mirror. On the flight or fight scale I was 100% fight. Adrenaline dumped and I was not able to keep myself from attacking the driver. I reacted poorly, did nothing to help the boy, and made a bad scene worse.

One year later and after some basic first aid classes I was driving to school. I had just crested a hill and a suv was spinning in the middle of the road after hitting a tree head on at about 45. I got out, gave my phone to another person with it already dialing 911, and did a head to toe. Stabalized c-spine until fire showed up and packaged her up.

I am 21 now, an emt, and a volunteer firefighter. We carry handguns to be prepared for bad situations, yet the likelihood we will ever need them is low. 100$ bought me a pretty capable medical kit, and if my experiences are anything to go off of it will pay for itself tenfold when the time comes.

This is going to start riding in my truck, the case is a Blackhawk Medic Roll.

Attachment 69385

Open it up and you get a view of everything, no rummaging around.

Attachment 69386

Contents ordered by complication

pocket mask

Blood Loss

hemostatic applicator
gauze roll
5x9 abd gauze
4x4 gauze

sam splint
triangle bandages
gauze roll
safety pins

emergency blanket

2” athletic tape
trauma shears

Sorry for the long post, I did not think it would be this big. Anyone have a similair kit? Any recommendations to mine? How about any stories of helping out your fellow man.

Carry on,