Wolff GunSprings Great Choice

Wolff GunSprings Great Choice

This is a discussion on Wolff GunSprings Great Choice within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you are looking for most any spring for most any current production gun, take a look at Wolff Springs. To make a some what ...

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Thread: Wolff GunSprings Great Choice

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    Post Wolff GunSprings Great Choice

    If you are looking for most any spring for most any current production gun, take a look at Wolff Springs.

    To make a some what long story short. Warrantying, not charging for another set of 10 mag springs, for some thing that is not a problem with their product. That is treating the customer right.

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    I have heard nothing but good re their rep' - and reckon they are pretty much at the top of the big spring maker's ladder.

    Good CS is icing on the cake.
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    Great product, and always has been backed by great CS.
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    Wolff springs can do wonders for a problematic pistol.

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    Run 'em in my Colt, nothing better yet!
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    Have heard the same - Wolff Springs is the way to go.
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    ive used them in various guns good stuff

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    I've got one in a 10mm Witness and have had no complaints...cut down on the distance the brass flew and makes life a little easier on the frame, too.

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    I just put one of their mainsprings in a Ruger P95, and it made a good DA trigger even better. I also just put one of their 18.5lb recoil springs in my 1911. I have yet to function test them with live rounds yet.

    I use their mainsprings in my S&W K frames with good results.
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    Have them in ALL my Ruger SA's, They are great !

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    They brought a 28yr old Mauser back to life. I'd say they know what their doing.
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    Been using Wolff +10% mag springs in most of the g17 and gov45 mags for some time now. The extra power mag springs in the g17 allow for using the +2 glock floorplate without loss of "push" the last couple of rounds thereby insuring they all feed properly.

    My two Kel-Tec 32's both have Wolff higher resistance weight recoil springs in them for reliable feeding, along with the fluff and buff recommended for these guns to make them ultra reliable.

    I've recently gone to the Tripp Research Cobra mag upgrade kits for the gov45 mags. It includes the extra power spring and their proprietary follower in a "package" to be used together. I've found they really make the gov45 reliable for feeding and slide locking on the last round.


    Upgrade kits here:


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