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This is a discussion on Glock Cleaning Schedule within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My carry guns are always squeeky clean... but I have a 1st Gen G17 that has been known to go a few thousand rounds between ...

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Thread: Glock Cleaning Schedule

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    My carry guns are always squeeky clean... but I have a 1st Gen G17 that has been known to go a few thousand rounds between cleanings, as it is primarily used for IPSC/IDPA, and while I am still absolutely amazed at how badly you can abuse a Glock and still have it go bang! every time, it is not wise to trust your life to a dirty gun.

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    I clean my carry guns when shot , and if not shot well then I field strip ( including pulling cylinder on revolvers ) once a week if its being carryed , detail strip once every month or two , not scheduled as much as boredom quotient .

    Now glocks you don't need to clean because .... 1. they are perfection designed and have no need of cleaning or lube or .. 2. they are Satan incarnate and will never work as good as __________ ( insert your all steel gun here ) no matter how much attention you lavish on them LOL .
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    Glocks should be cleaned at least every 3 or 4 million rounds or when they quit working...whichever comes first.

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    I goto the range once a week and I usually cycle through a gun or two. After the range I go home and clean them. The only time I may not clean my gun after shooting, is if I was going to return to the range the next day. Don't take the chance, keep your gun clean. It kinda scares me that your friend hasn't cleaned his gun. For one, it doesn't seem like he's done the research. I hope he's not as careless with it as he is with the cleaning.

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    I clean my 5" 1911s somewhere between 1500 and 2000 rounds. Even my carry gun, which has around 10k through it.

    I've probably got more than 2000 rounds through my G19. It hasnt been cleaned since I got it.

    My 9mm AR15 hasnt been cleaned in well over 3000 rounds.

    I've never cleaned my mossberg 590, or my commando model tommygun.

    I dont think I've ever cleaned my 10-22.

    I dont like cleaning guns. I shoot them, oil them, and repeat.

    As soon as I have any problems, I'll let yall know.

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    You can clean a Glock?
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    I surprised only one person has mentioned the obvious fact about cleaning your gun...if you are depending on the gun to save your behind, cleaning your gun on a regular basis gives you a perfect opportunity to inspect the inner workings to make sure it is all squared away.

    A few years ago, I was issued a G22 for duty. I hated the gun at first, but it grew on me. So much so as I went out and bought one for myself.
    I never shot my issued Glock after I bought my own. I shot my personally owned Glock often. My theory was, why clean two guns, they are both the same. I never had to switch magazines from duty to ball ammo etc. It was pretty nice being lazy.
    After about a year of not even shooting the issued Glock, I realized how careless I was being, and stripped the Glock down as far as possible. I was shocked and embarrassed how bad of shape it was in. Most of the smaller springs were rusted, (not just surface rust) the channel was blocked. It was awful. I doubt it would have worked if I needed it too. Granted this was a duty gun, exposed to rain, snow, ice and heat. You name it; the G22 was out in it. I ended up rebuilding the entire gun, and a lot of others in the dept. It was a costly mistake, and luckily it wasn't deadly.

    Now we have switched over to Sigs, but same applies. I have even gone so far to detail strip and clean other officer’s guns who are not gun guys. I want the guy backing me up in the fire fight to have a working gun too. DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN YOUR MAGAZINES TOO!

    I agree that Glocks are the toughest thing going in firearms, but they are machines with fine inner workings. They need to be taken care of.
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    shoot it,,,,clean it. this is only way you know it will go bang when you pull the trigger. i worked on a g23 that was not cleaned for several years. this gun had several k's of rounds thru it. when i got the gun it would not fire and the slide was hard to pull. the firing pin did/could not move and i hand to hammer the slide off. broke it down all the way (upper and lower) cleaned it up then it was just like new. cleaning is cheap and eazy!!

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    When I got my first Glock I immediately learned to detail-strip it. If its only use were at the range, maybe I wouldn't care whether it functioned every time. But my interest is self-defense, so it's critical that I know my pistol will function. I detail strip for visual inspection of all the parts, heavy cleaning after a day at the range or IDPA match, light cleaning if I fired it only a few rounds (like an extra BUG stage in IDPA). I also perform all the function-checks in the Glock manual every time prior to loading and placing the pistol "on duty".

    If I carry a pistol for several weeks without using it, I will field strip it every couple of weeks to remove any accumulated lint from between the slide and receiver, and refresh the lubricant.

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