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Built-Up Tolerance to Pepper Spray?

This is a discussion on Built-Up Tolerance to Pepper Spray? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I, like several others here, eat hot and spicy foods. I have been hit with pepper spray (LEO stuff), and while it stung, it wasn't ...

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Thread: Built-Up Tolerance to Pepper Spray?

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    I, like several others here, eat hot and spicy foods. I have been hit with pepper spray (LEO stuff), and while it stung, it wasn't debilitative.

    I have been exposed to OC, pepper, and mace in varying degrees, but nothing compares to tear gas. No one can function when snot is pouring ouy of every orifice on the human body. That is what LEO's should be allowed to carry.

    Someone mentioned keeping a spray in their car, and reminded me of something I saw several years ago that I thought was a neat idea. Some company came up with a canister that mounts to or replaces the kick panel in a car that was a tank with a pressure valve and a hose with a sprayer end on it. THe hose led to the outside of the vehicle and mounted either just above the mirror or inside the channel where the door meets the car. The tank could be filled with a liquid deterrant and pressurized with compressed air. In emergency (ie: carjacking) a touch of the button with the foot would release the pressure in the tank, through the hose and into the BG's face.

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    Corrections and OC

    When I was assigned to a station that covered the County Jail, there was a CO that was aparrantly immune to the OC spray they used. We could barely stand in the area and he was walking around in the cell. Saw it more than once. Myth busted, it is possible, at least in his case. He credits experiencing it multiple times (old veteran) with his immunity. As for me, I'd rather get stabbed in the eye with a rusty spoon full of Drano. I hate the stuff and have zero immunity.

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    We use Saber Red
    Man that stuff is bad..............

    We had to get sprayed,then handcuff your partner then
    shoot two COM at 7 yards.

    I made sure I qualified the first time.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
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    There is another point to be made in all of this: The fact that one can, indeed, build up a tolerance to OC is yet more evidence that OC is NOT a weapon, but rather is a compliance instrument. The primary intent of pepper spray is not "self-defense", but to make disobediance painful. In this light, I generally recommend that persons looking for a means of personal protection look elsewhere.

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    Greg Dunn ~

    The formula I was taught is to take the SHU and multiply it by the percentage of product to get a true, at-the-nozzle effectiveness rating.

    Kathy Jackson
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    1. Dogs have almost 100* more sensitivity in their olfactory glands therefore are more susceptible. A common urban legend is to put ground dried pepper on you trail to ward off the blood hounds.

    2. Humans can build up a tolerance and it seems as much mental as physical. See also Curry addiction.

    3. Tear gas takes a little longer to effect people. On the other hand a sufficient concentration of the chemical will sear the lungs and cause suffocation.
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