The history of tactical pants

The history of tactical pants

This is a discussion on The history of tactical pants within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I found this on a pants website. So it must be true. At a glance, tactical pants appear to be a simple cargo. Yet upon ...

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Thread: The history of tactical pants

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    The history of tactical pants

    I found this on a pants website. So it must be true.

    At a glance, tactical pants appear to be a simple cargo. Yet upon closer inspection, one finds strategic placement of an array of pockets tailored for the real-life action figure—someone ready to strike within a moment's notice with all the necessary tools in reach.

    These über-durable trousers are far more than the average cargo pants. Reinforced with bar-tacks, gussets, and some even coated with DuPont™ Teflon®, tactical pants have become the everyday armor for those who put their lives on the line. Whether patrolling the streets or practicing at the range, men and women across the country select tactical pants as the choice operational wear.

    However, the trousers didn't always hang in the closets of law officers, EMTs, FBI agents and military operators. Rather, it was first designed for those who opted to conquer the natural world—mountain climbers. It was initially developed by Royal Robbins, an outdoor clothing company founded by an adventurous husband-and-wife duo. Years later, a few Colorado FBI agents, who also happened to be avid climbers, found that the resilient pants could be used for more than scaling mountains.

    Eventually, tactical pants made it all the way to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. And just like that, a pant once used for recreation became a major player in workday uniforms. As a result, tactical trousers have become as ubiquitous as gun holsters and pocket knives in the tactical world. Today, a number of brands offer countless options of these pants in many different styles, fabrics and colors. The options, at times, can be almost overwhelming.
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    My first pair of tactical pants were a pair of camo pant bought at Kmart when I was about 8 yrs old.
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    My first were issued to me at Coronado. They had just migrated from the O.D. utilites to the Woodland Camo BDUs. They were superior in every way to the OD utilites.
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    Actually that is pretty much correct and true.

    I know that everyone these days absolutely hates the grossly overused "T" Word but, it is a fact that those pants started out as modified climbing pants that sported extra pockets (some w/Velcro closures) and deeper pockets, reinforced seams, double layer of material at the knees, better placed wider belt loops...a rear Casualty Drag Strap...etc. etc.

    So if you don't want to call them Tactical Pants you can just call them extra durable pants better suited for LEO, Paramedic, Spl. Operator as well as daily carry firearm folks but, that takes too long to get it said.
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    The misuse/overuse of the word "tactical" makes me want to
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    That seems consistent with the 5.11 brand name -

    5.11 Tactical Gear | Superior Tactical Clothing & Equipment

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    I think I'm gonna take the tactical gas pipe.

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    I dig the pants, but wont wear them on my days off out in public. I dont want to be "that guy". Also, I knew the word "tactical" was completely played out when I saw "tactical lip balm" at the local LEO supply store. It came in a matte black tube that was "anti-glare". Seriously? Now everything is labeled as tactical. I want a nice pair of reinforced pants with sturdy, wide belt loops that ARENT tactical. If they exist
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    I'm betting the British had all this nailed down a couple centuries ago, for its forays into the "rougher/wilder" places of the world (India, desert regions, Middle East, Africa).

    And I'm betting the Romans outfitted their legions with rather functional "tactical" garb eminently suitable for the task.

    And don't forget the "tactical" cougar pelt and deer hide togs that Gronk and his stone-age fellers donned, though I doubt they called it "tactical."
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    Back in the old days LOL 2 of my friends ran thru the jungle in blk jammies and my night garb was grey,blu and little wht and blk and ammo pockets

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    i wear "tactical" pants on the regular....I am a photographer and the big pockects make it easy to carry small doodads and whatnots....... got a pair of 5.11 pants for 12 bucks on flea bay and I wear em at least twice a week
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    I never considered tactical pants really tactical. They forgot one feature. A trap door in the butt and stain resistant in that area
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    If I can't carry it in the pockets of my jeans and/or my flannel shirt, I don't carry it.
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