Wilderness tactical frequent flyer EZ fit review

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Thread: Wilderness tactical frequent flyer EZ fit review

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    Wilderness tactical frequent flyer EZ fit review

    It seems that ther eis always a question floating on the forum about this gun belt or that one, with no in depth analysis as to why a certain gun belt is good. Time to change that !!!

    I ordered my Wilderness Tactical Frequent Flier EZ fit belt last week. Arriving on Monday, I have been wearing it all week, all day everyday, wake up time to bed time. I have to say, it is prob the best belt in general that I have ever owned.

    I ordered my frequent flier in Black, with the 5 stitch option for added stiffness. For those new to Concealed Carry, a stiff belt is important for several reasons. One, it doesnt roll up under the weight of a heavier gun, making it comfortable for long term wear. A stiff belt also helps distribute weight better, and keeps your gun and holster from sagging and pulling your pants down.

    The frequent flier is a nylon web belt with two large "buckle rings" instead of a "D" buckle. I like this for quick belt adjustment. The belt is lined on the inside tag end with velcro, as is the corresponding outside portion, to keep the tag end from flopping around willy nilly. Since it is on the long side, this is necessary, and works very very well. The belt itself is contructed of two layers of web belt stitched together to create a very stiff, very durable belt. I added the 5 stitch option to mine as well and I highly recommend this. Some may ask, "what is the 5 stitch option ?" well, let me explain..... The 5 stitch option adds three extra lines of stitching to the belt, instead of just the normal stitching on the edges. This makes the belt very stiff. I easily conceal A fully loaded G22 IWB and spare mag. I even went so far as to try and see how much weaight my belt could support. A neighbor is an MP / local LEO, so I went to his house and borrowed some gear. I put a G22 in a Lvl 3 retention Safari land duty holster, 2 pairs of handcuffs, radio and case, baton, pepper spray, 2 mags and mag case, a 3rd spare mag and carrier, and a leatherman. This was his whole duty belt. Admittedly it was a bit heavy for an 1 1/2 belt, but it supported it all. As an LEO, I think this would make a great plainclothes belt for carrying basic gear such as spare mags, a pair of handcuffs and flashlight with no extra bulk form the nelt. For CC use, it is all the belt you will ever need, and then some.

    A nice feature of the belt is the EZ fit adjustment. All this is from my understanding is a longer piece of velcro, which allows for ample adjustment room. I am a big guy and my weight fluctuates so this is nice. One thing I had to do is change how I put my belt on. Because of the way the Buckle rings work, I have to put my belt on backward ( start on the right) and finish on my left. This allows the tag end to fold back over to my left side. This is important as I am right handed and carry my horizontal mag pouch on my right front for easier left handed access. I dont need extra belt in my way if I need to draw my weapon. Important: Follow the sizing instructions! if you order it to

    I ordered my belt straight from the Wilderness website. On sale I paid 30 dollars plus an extra 3 bucks for a xxl belt, plus shipping. It was less than 40 bucks said and done. I think this belt makes a great casual belt for everday use, as well as a fantastic carry belt. If you have been looking for an affordable, dependable carry belt, you should really give the Wilderness Tactical Belts a try. You wont be dissappointed.
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    I have the same belt plus two Instructor belts. I must say that the FF is the most comfortable of the 3. I have worn it for years, and it still does its intended job very well. It looks a bit tactical for some pants so other options are also used. For the price, value, etc., they are hard to beat.

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    I love my frequent flyer, but was disappointed that I STILL have to remove the damn thing when flying thanks to their new scanning machines.

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