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Surefire Service

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Thread: Surefire Service

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    Surefire Service

    I just purchased a Surefire G2 over the summer. My car broke down the other night and the first time I really used it cut out on me. I can only assume it was the bulb assembly because a change of batteries that I had with me did not fix the problem. A LEO stopped used his light and I was able to determine that I could get my car home. Long story short or shorter anyway, I emailed the distributor and Surefire the next morning telling them what happened and how I felt. The distributor told me they could not or would not help. Not a big surprise, I won't use them again. Surefire within the hour returned my email asking me for my address so they could send me out a new bulb assembly. I still not real happy that the light didn't work when I needed it. (Murphy's Law seems to be following me everywhere these days), but Surefire stood behind their product. They really didn't have to since they say that bulbs aren't warranted. I will say I'm happy with the way they reacted.

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    I wrote a thread not too long ago about how they sent me a new switch after the old one (3 years approx) had gotten unreliable.

    No probs - they sent a new one real quick after I called. That was ideal and I was well pleased.

    I think you did indeed suffer the ''wrath of Murphy'' - my initial bulb lasted ages but I went to change things over to the LED head and while darned pricey - would not go back - it suits me fine and fall-off is gradual as well as battery longevity much improved. Oh and - it is most unlikely to fail!
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    Ive been using surefire lights for a long time and love them and thats one of the reasons . The other is i took some low light classes last year and was using streamlight in the begining of the class and by the end i was using my surefre lights . its hard to explain but the way the surefire is designed it puts out the light were u need it i guess i good word is its focused u can see i dont review well ....

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    Surefire is great!

    I have a Z9. Carry it everywhere. Surefire is quick to reply/replace items.

    Battery life is not the greatest. But light output is outstanding! Yes, "focus" is the best way to describe it.

    I used the lanyard to make a Mexican carry "Holster". and that works great too. But for another thread I guess.


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    My only issue I've ever had with Surefire was the P60 lamp assembly. I have had 3 go out on me. Thats the main reason I switched to mostly LED's. Still, Surefire took care of me, they sent me new LA each time no questions asked.


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    I have an E2e, M3, and a G2. I've had them for about a couple years now. Running the original stock bulbs on the E2e and G2. The M3 running the p91. Still working bright as ever. I'll mention one issue I had with the G2 which was cause by me. I was swimming with it in my pool for like 30 minutes, lol. It lit the pool up. Anyways afterwards I just put my flashlight up. About a week later I went to use it and it would not work. I removed the batteries to find the tail cap button had rusted..I cleaned the surface rust as best I could..That was last summer and the G2 still working fine to this day. I have my surefires readily available for defense purposes only to save on battery cost. But as a daily use around the house or cars I use the 1watt led from walmart that takes 3 AAA batts. that I recharge :) it's as bright as 4 D cell maglight.

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    still waiting. I called surefire last Monday. They could not explain why it wasn't sent out, but assured me it would be handled promptly. I asked that I be provided with a tracking number so I would not have to call back. I left my email with the assurance that I would get the #. Nothing yet. I can only assume that the holiday has slowed things down, but I still don't have that warm feeling. That $8.00 mag light is starting to look real good, it's the only thing shining.

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    spares carrier and a spare bulb/ batteries works wonders. My G2 is still on the first bulb after 4+ years of service, some of it hard use. Mag lights are o.k. , but I have replaced many more mag lite bulbs .
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