Squeeg-E Pull-Through Barrel Cleaners(Anyone Use These)

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Thread: Squeeg-E Pull-Through Barrel Cleaners(Anyone Use These)

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    Squeeg-E Pull-Through Barrel Cleaners(Anyone Use These)

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    May be worth a try. Since I use an Otis kit for cleaning, I already use the pull through cleaning method with their flex cables instead of rigid push rods.
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    I picked up some recently, I have not been to the range sine but will post when I do give them a try.
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    I've used Patchworm kits for years, with great results. Not bulky, can't abrade the bore or crown, cheap, and does all calibers with each kit.

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    I have used bore snakes for years
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    Interesting. I use bore snakes for quick cleaning of my barrels at the range or in situations where thorough cleaning is not possible or practical, but this looks like a system that could do basically the same thing.
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    Bore Snakes. Especially for the shotgun and 22. Semis that you don't want to fully breakdown every time.

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    Cleaning rod and patch has always worked. The problem with cleaning rods stems from the military using steel rods and religiously spit-shining the bore until the rifling was damaged.
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    Bore snakes for me. I use 'em primarily to do a quick swab after a range session to get the majority of buildup and then a detail clean later.

    The other thing I like 'em for is hunting. I keep one in my pack in case I slide down an embankment, or some such, and my muzzle gets fouled.

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    I think there was a thread on them earlier - IIRC, they tend to get ripped up in fairly short order.

    That Patchworm looks really cool

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    So, so. For a rifle or pistol they are a pain in the arse. Stick with the bore snakes for light everyday cleaning.

    I do like them for my double barrel shotguns as it really cuts down on using patches after scrubbing the bore.
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    I just bought one of the full kits with the range bag and cleaning mat.
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    Did a full strip and clean on my mk 111 today I usually just run the bore snake thru it a couple of times. I was shocked at how much lead I got out. Guess I will have to be a little more diligent with the bore brush.

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    I am super cheap. I have an m16 steel rod milsurp kit someone gave me. I buy boresnakes because they are cheap and fit anywhere. I keep one in the handle of my ar, rangebag. etc.
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    Anyone else try one of these?
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