Guide rod lasers

Guide rod lasers

This is a discussion on Guide rod lasers within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been thinking about getting a laser for my M&P Shield, but I don't want to get anything that is going to add size ...

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Thread: Guide rod lasers

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    Guide rod lasers

    I have been thinking about getting a laser for my M&P Shield, but I don't want to get anything that is going to add size or mass to my gun, and really don't want to buy another Crossbreed Holster to accommodate a trigger guard laser.

    I noticed Laser max has guide rod lasers for some models, but not the M&P Shield. It seems like the perfect option, but I have not seen a ton of reviews on them.

    Personally, I would only use it as a secondary or low light option, but would train with both the steel 3 dot sights and a laser.

    What are your thoughts on guide rod lasers, have you used them before or personally talked with someone who has one. What are your thoughts on lasers as a whole?

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    I don't have any guide rod lasers, but my brother has one on his Beretta 92F and he likes it.

    I have a set of CT laser grips for my 1911 and I like it. Lasers are just another tool in the tool box and can be helpful depending on the situation. I wouldn't tell anyone they shouldn't have a laser for their gun, only that they should be prepared in case the laser fails for some reason.
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    Laser Max has very limited product coverage. I noticed they don't even carry a guide rod model nor a rail model for the Walther P99. Not that that's anything new. Hardly any manufacturers support any Walther products. I did find it odd that even H&K isn't supported by LM for a guide rod laser. Just devices to hang from the rail that you need a specific holster to carry.

    I think a guide rod laser is a nice addition for low light and darkness situations. Unfortunately, as I said, not many models are supported.
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    I'm a fan of low-tech reliability. Tritium sights gives me a consistent sight picture, day or night. For me, the laser is more of a distraction.

    If you're going laser, the guide rod is appealing in that you don't have to get holster to accommodate a rail gizmo. It's unappealing in that you've replaced a critical component that the firearm was designed and tested with. Swapping grips may be the best work-around.

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    "It's unappealing in that you've replaced a critical component that the firearm was designed and tested with."

    All LaserMax components either meet or exceed the manufacturers design specifications so that is really not a problem.

    The only real problem with the LaserMax product is that you need to manually switch it on whereas the Crimson Trace grips laser can be turned on just by acquiring a normal grip on the pistol.

    And posted here since it is yet another Laser option...there is the LaserLyte Rear Sight available for the M&P Shield.
    Here is a link so that the OP can have a look at one. I honestly do not know much about them. OP will need to do his own research.
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    Any laser that is not "auto on" like a ct, is useless in a high stress shoot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ring View Post
    Any laser that is not "auto on" like a ct, is useless in a high stress shoot...
    This. Laser Max seems like a good idea until the time comes when you're using the gun in a life-threatening situation. That is not the time to learn the hard way that they are not a good option at all. If you are interested in a laser, Crimson Trace is the better way to go. There's no on/off switch (unless you choose for there to be) in a non-instinctive place to fool with.

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    I had a Lasermax guide rod laser in my G19 for years. It worked, but I did have a few issues with the laser getting turned on by accident (leaning on something or other) and running the batteries dead. Once CT came out with lasers for Glocks, I switched and have not looked back. As others have said, the "auto on" switching is superior IMHO to manually turning the laser on.

    Now, I have had a few issues with my CT lasers - mostly switches that were unreliable - but CT has always fixed any issues, and sends free batteries once per year to boot.
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    I find that i shoot faster, and as accurately with irons. That said, I have a CT on my XD45, and have owned Lasermax guide rod lasers for my Glock 19 and 30.

    There are a couple of reasons I like CT over the Lasermax - the Lasermax in not adjustable for elevation or windage. Lasermax guarantees 2" at 50 yards, which is more than adequate for self defense distances, but I like to fine tune my lasers for specific distances and loads. The Crimson Trace is adjustable for elevation and windage. It aggravated the crap out of me to see the dot off-center in relation to the sights on my Glock 30. it was dead center on the 19.

    Activating the Lasermax requires pushing a button that replaces the take-down lever. The Crimson Trace activates when you grasp the grip firmly. In a self defense situation, fine motor skills (like pushing s tiny button) deteriorate quickly. Gross motor skills (like grasping your gun) still function.

    I think the "bad guy sees the dot on his chest, wets his pants and surrenders" thing is oversold. You could probably have a dot on you right now, and wouldn't know unless someone pointed it out to you. I found them all very useful for dry-firing practice, to improve the smoothness of my trigger pull, and improved my trigger control greatly. I was amazed at how much the dot moved with what I thought was a smooth pull.

    I'm a gadget head, and if you add that to the employee discount, the siren-song of stuff I really don't need is hard to resist. I'll keep the CTs for my XD, because I really like how they add small palm swells, and make the gun fit my hand better.

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    I have a Lasermax on my G 23. With a bore sighter the Lasemax points to slightly left of the bore laser. While shooting at 25 feet, the bullet placement is about 10 inches to the left of the Lasermax. I just have to compensate.

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    Due to the technology in the guide rod laser taking a certain amount of space, along with the battery to powr it, the guide rod lasers are mostly made for full size or "compact" service weapons, and not micro-compacts and pocket pistols. The guide rods in them just aren't big enough to house the laser. Unless CT makes a lasergrip for the shield, your only options are the lasermax and CT trigger-guard mounted lasers. I use the LM centerfire laser on my Nano and it works well.
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    I would like a laser for when i cant be behind the gun while shooting, but other than that Iron Sights al the way
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    I have one on my G27. Absolutely hate it. It isn't on target, there is no way to adjust it, and it's one more thing to go wrong.

    It ran out of batteries many years ago, and so it remains.

    Point shooting is something that should be learned and practiced. I think a laser as a training aid is great, but I wouldn't rely on one...other people would.
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