Earplugs as part of your EDC?

This is a discussion on Earplugs as part of your EDC? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone else carry one or more pairs of earplugs as part of your EDC? The small foam kind. Clarification: Not exclusively firearms related, but ...

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Thread: Earplugs as part of your EDC?

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    Question Earplugs as part of your EDC?

    Does anyone else carry one or more pairs of earplugs as part of your EDC?

    The small foam kind.

    Clarification: Not exclusively firearms related, but included as EDC items you may need to use such as a flashlight or multi-tool.
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    Sure, "hold still while I put these in". I do have a few sets in my truck, living in a forest i can have target practice almost any time I feel like it. Also handy for long trips with a noisy 1985 International diesel and the windows down.
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    No. While they might be nice, in easily thought of situations, I still get the feeling that my mind wont be focused on hearing protection if Im defending my life.

    In other words, my focus will be on the threat, and not inserting foam ear plugs, prior to defending myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    Sure, "hold still while I put these in".
    LOL. I was thinking of situations such as a mall shooting where the action is taking place around the corner, but you may have to use your firearm to fight your way out.
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    Nope...wouldn't even come close to thinking about them if a situation should ever present itself.
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    It might be a good idea so you don't have to listen to the panicked screams should you choose to draw your handgun in a crowded public environment.
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    This is a good question. I've thought of it before. Like others, I doubt I'll have time to put them in but there might be situations where you have time to put them in. Its not going to hurt anything if you do have them. You don't have to use them just because you have them. Also, it might help with orientation. If its a situation where the danger is somewhat distant and you have a little time to prepare, put them in and then if you have to fire, you won't have ringing ears which might disorient or distract you to an extent.

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    No I don't. My sense of hearing is a large part of my situational awareness that I want to keep the sharpest that it can be. I will worry about my hearing after I have defended myself.
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    In some States that have draconian SD laws and others with antigun prosecutors ,do you really want the prosecution asking if you had time to put in hearing protection before using your gun,why didn't you leave,or call 911,why because you saw a chance to be a vigilante and after making sure you wouldn't harm your hearing took the law into your own hands and killed the deceased in cold blood.
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    Nope.. until this thread it's never even crossed my mind.
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    Fraid not...

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    NO. Carry ear protection for other reasons but not for EDC. Might start a new fashion trend wearing my electronic ear muffs every day, or maybe it would be easier to just take out my hearing aids. Guess I will have to work on my draw to create some time.

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    No. I save them for the range.
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    I think I'd be more concerned about that if I had to fire my gun at an intruder inside my house, or worse yet inside my small 12'x14' bedroom.
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    For several reasons, this is not a good idea. Not only would you likely not have time for them in a critical situation, you would also be depriving yourself of a major source of intel during such a crisis, your hearing, at a time when you absolutely need it most.

    Earplugs are for the range. In a SD situation, they are a terrible idea.

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