Are you ready?

Are you ready?

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Thread: Are you ready?

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    Are you ready?

    Probably not. I realized something tonight that is somewhat scary from a certain aspect. We all think about being prepared for a firefight in a middle of a mall or a restaurant but we sometimes forget the simple and more likely things. So here it goes... are you ready?
    1. Do you have a flashlight in the car?
    If you do, are the batteries fresh? Do you have a spare bulb? Is it within a reach of the driver? Is it secure so that in case of an accident it will not become a projectile??? Oh yeah, a cool one to get is one of the ones that has a dynamo and you crank it up to get power: they are bright and you don't have to worry about batteries.

    2. Do you have roadside emergency flares? If no, get some ASAP. They can be purchased at a gas station, automotive store and even walmart. Again, make sure that they are somewhat within a reach of a driver cause in case of an emergency digging for them might not be the best idea.

    3. Do you have a first aid kit in the vehicle? While it does not have to be within the reach of the drive, it should be easily accesible so that you can get to it in an emergency. Oh yeah, and I"m not talking about the $4.99 walgreens special, I'm talking abotu one that has a cold pack, hot pack, some anti venom (you never know) and whole sorts of goodies. Anyways, I got a pretty nice one for $20 at sam's club and another nice one for $25 at wally world (both seem not to be available from either place anymore :( So my backpacking kit cost me $45 @ REI).

    4. Do you have couple power bars and some water bottles in your vehicle? No??? THROW SOME IN (in a nice box and cycle them every 6 to 12 months). I know that most of you don't go to BFE like I do, but you might be driving someplace and get stuck in snow, due to a mechanical breakdwon, or maybe there will be a big flood and you get stranded someplace that normally is somewhat "civilized".

    5. Do you have an extra jacket in the vehicle? No? THROW ONE IN. Also something to consider are those $5~$10 silver blankets that you can get from a surplus store.

    So... am I prepared? If I'm driving my Jeep... yup. If I'm in the VW? kind of. I got some water, extra jacket and flares..... Tonight I realized I should probably throw some other goodies in as well.

    Anyways, this list will vary based on the location, but what I listed above I think should be a bear minimum.

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    No roadflares, food, or water but...

    I carry the following in my vehicle (I will not include spare tires, etc) :
    (in no particular order)

    Flashlight with extra batteries
    First-aid kit
    Reflective blankets (3 or 4)
    Parachute cord (about 100 feet)
    Black sharpie
    Extra ammo 38spl/9mm
    Whistle :)
    Compact digital camera with extra batteries
    Bottle-opener with corkscrew
    Extra pocket knife with diamond sharpener
    Camo pants/shirt/gloves/mask/socks/spare boots
    Gerber multitool
    Iodine tablets
    Small hatchet
    Drillers hammer
    Fixed blade knife
    Gerber all-purpose cutting shears
    Fold up camp shovel
    Leather work gloves
    Adjustable wrench
    Full double-bit axe

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Not going to go out to the car and do a full inventory.

    In winter I add the following:

    Sleeping bag
    Toiletries kit
    Change of clothes

    Excessive? Perhaps.
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    yeah, I'm prepared. Living in the snowbelt of MI teaches ya fast to be prepared.
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    yep mostly prepared here...all except for the road flares. Have a nice homebrew firstaid kit that my wife put together. has a lot of stuff in it from things for bug bites to cuts to broken bones. Planning on adding some more "advanced" equipment to the FA kit in the near future. heavy blankets, food, etc are always in there too. We always carry two phones as well.

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    My Jeep spends a fair amount of time out in the dirt.

    I can manage a minimum of three days without any effort or outside assistance and could probably go for at least a couple of weeks with just a little effort on my part.

    Hero's aren't born, they're cornered - According to Jim

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    As a fellow Michigander, i add one more thing in the winter:

    Snowshoes and poles. the 4x4 jeep is good but if i ever get stuck and need to hoof it out, that's the way i'll be.

    also, i have some motorola 10 mile 2 way radios (plus a bunch of other stuff already mentioned).

    those hand/foot warmers are pretty handy, too.

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    Yup, everything except the road flares that I had to use last week and will be replaced shortly. My truck's tool box is loaded with all sort of goodies, as is behind the seats. Also I always keep at least two tow straps/chains in my truck (4x4 GMC 2500) in case someone needs pulled out of a ditch in winter. I also got a brand new moving blanket over the summer (the blue ones that movers use) from a truck driver at work and keep that behind the seat, it'll keep ya plenty warm. CB's can run off the battery, although not forever. How about fire extinguishers, I didn't see that on you list, some places reccomend candles in the car during winter (not something I do), but i do have a fire extinguisher.
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