I have been waiting quite a while and have received one of the 3 mags I ordered. I actually forgot about the other two. A few days ago I received the following email:

As you know, the firearms industry continues to struggle with inventory issues as a result of this never-before-seen worldwide demand. We’re proud to report that we’ve made incredible gains on much of our high-demand inventory; however, ammunition, reloading components and some other firearm accessories remain in frustratingly short supply.

You're receiving this email because your order(s) contains backordered products. The products that remain on backorder in your order(s) are: ORDER # STOCK # DESCRIPTION QTY. 9204715 817000135 XDS50071 7RD XDS MAGAZINE W SLEEVE 1& 1 9204715 817000136 XDS5005 5 RD XDS MAGAZINE 1 It's important for you to know that we are NOT raising prices due to demand, and that your order WILL be shipped to you immediately when the products arrive in our warehouse. If portions of your order have already been shipped, you WILL NOT be billed shipping on any of these backordered items. These backordered item shipments are ON US !

In order for us to deliver your products to you quickly once they arrive in our warehouse, we want to be sure your shipping information is correct. Please click on the button below to verify this information. Click to Update InfoFor nearly 75 years we’ve prided ourselves on delivering the absolute best customer service in the industry. While that’ll never change, we’re mighty sorry you have to wait so long for your items. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience, but please know that we’re doing our best to get these products in stock. Very Best, e Matt Buckingham
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Nice of them to not charge shipping on these.