I have received some P.Mís and E-mails asking about the performance of some of my others lights in comparison with what is already available in the street.

The POLAR BEAR, particularly figured in several of the inquires, and more than a couple of people wanted to know how it compares with the Ultra Stinger.
Also the newer BEAR CUB was mentioned several times.

So having decided to do a shoot out, I recharged my Ultra Stinger and set up to do the testing.

Here are the lights
Left to right, the Bear Cub the Polar Bear and the Ultra Stinger

It was drizzling at 6 p.m. when I went to the back yard, it causes the beam of the lights to reflect in the droplets of water and outline the beam in a way I have never taken pictures before.

The target was 30 yards away, and is a tool shed 12x8 feet.

I set the tripod and holding the lights alongside and at the height of my head initiated the shoot-out.
(The beams seem to come from much higher, that is why I mention the fact)

The Ultra Stinger, 75,000 candlepower, 295 lumens (claimed)

The Polar Bear, 426 lumens run time 75 minutes

The Bear Cub, 220 lumens for 90 minutes

Of course all my others lights, live on the shadow of the BOREALIS, at the last minute, I decided to bring it up into the shoot-out, so people can see what this light is all about.
Of course the lens of the camera donít open as much as the human eye, and consequently it sees less. What I am seeing with my eyes is more illumination with any of the lights, than the camera capture, but it is good for comparison between the lights.

And yes here is the beamshot with the BOREALIS 1050 lumens light.

Kind regards and Happy Holidays to all members
Black bear