Trail/Game Cam For Security

Trail/Game Cam For Security

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Thread: Trail/Game Cam For Security

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    Trail/Game Cam For Security

    Searched the forums and didn't see a topic for this already, sorry if it is a double post. I live on a farm and more or less run an elderly relatives farm and I am seeing evidence of trespassers. I have no crazy ideas of trying to get them arrested or anything. I know there are a lot of problems in the area with trespassing hunters and kids out smoking and drinking so I don't feel in any danger......the .45 I'm always packing makes me feel safer as well. Anyhow it would be nice just to get an idea of who it is, when they are coming and going, and what they are up to. Does anyone have any experience with an infared trail cam for security? I think it seems to be a pretty good option and if I get the time to do some hunting I can use it for that as well.

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    It might let you know who had been there but it wouldn't help with letting you know that someone is there. Also, as they typically store images locally, anyone with nefarious intent can remove it to delete the record of their presence.

    On the other hand, it might work as a deterrent.

    A real security camera is probably a better option.

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    If you do something like this, get one with a memory card. You will get hundreds of pictures of the local fauna.

    I set up a couple IR game cameras at a friend's house who was having problems with an Ex. She was certainly not in a "Out Back rural" area, but not down town, and we got several pictures a night of cats, dogs and deer. Never did get a pic of the vandals but they stopped harassing her about that time so maybe they saw the cams and left her alone?

    There are some pretty good wireless security camera systems available fairly cheap these days.
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    There are a lot of options available for this. Check out some security sites, there are probably a lot of forums that would cover these things too. Careful on which forums you join, some require tin foil hats!

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    The only problem I see is the trespassers might steal the trail cam! You might want to talk to your local deputies that work your area. They will have some ideas of what works in your area. Good luck!
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    There are some made especially for security.

    It allows for several things:

    1. If you are diligent about checking, lets you know if somebody is "casing" your place.
    2. Allows you to ID what is going on around/who is on your place when you do not have eyes on target.
    3. Allows to to get times and locations of entry/possible attempts at entry.

    These are best used in conjunction with an alarm system so that initial attempts are thwarted and a chance to capture information to ID and prevent future attempts. TRACE Perimeter Surveillance Camera: Sports & Outdoors


    Review - Moultrie Perimeter, Premise home security cam Review | Electronista

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    You can buy a trail cam for $40, and strap it to a tree. The more sophisticated are wireless or GSM (cell phone) - ain't worth the trouble for what you want

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    The GSM models can be expensive over time, with monthly fees for the cell service. Here's a blog post that explores the economics:
    Celling your trail camera | Optics Blog

    Mark H.

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