new gun safe

new gun safe

This is a discussion on new gun safe within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has any one seen or bought the gun safes at Walmart. They are nice for the price. They are made by Sentry and hold 10 ...

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Thread: new gun safe

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    new gun safe

    Has any one seen or bought the gun safes at Walmart. They are nice for the price. They are made by Sentry and hold 10 long guns and has a shelf for hand guns. The price was 185.00 on sale. The door has three large pins to lock it and a combination lock. IT would be nice for some one looking for a cheaper or smaller safe.

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    not worth it

    I could open it with a small pry bar in a few mins

    Gun safes are a you get what you pay for deal

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    I have 1, but I live in a low crime area. Also , the safe is more for easy access for me, no access for my kids. Once I move into a perminant house , I will look for a bigger, better safe.
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    Don't get it they are junk. Be prepared to invest some good cash in a safe. It will be worth it. Mine cost me about $700, can hold up to 24 long guns, has shelves, 30 minute 1200 degree firerating, and weighs in at about 500 pounds empty. I absolutely love it. A good gunsafe is well worth the money spent.
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    Depends on what you want it for. If you just want something to keep the kids away from your guns the Sentry will do the job.
    If you want to deter determined thieves and protect against fire, save your $$$
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    Great for storage of ammo. Better than nothing (how much is obviously up for debate) if you don't have a safe.

    For the price of a quality factory gun, you can purchase a safe that will protect what you have. Spend the $$$$.
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    Might make a good Paint locker.

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    use mine for ammo

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    Just got it to keep the kids out. I have a good alarm system and good neighbors close by. The safe may not be Fancey but will slow the crooks down. I don't store all my guns in it . I have a better place for them. I keep frequently used items and my ammo and ccw auto in it. its small and handy to have even if its not state of the art.

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    I use mine to store black powder, and it is so labled...

    or is it??

    it is labled as such though, no open flame etc...

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    Money invested in a safe is proportional to the amount of delay you wish to cause a thief. Determined thieves with the right skills will bust open any safe. Determined thieves with the right skills are not as common as some would have you believe. Any safe is better than no safe at all (unless you have a good homeowner's policy and no kids).

    I once had my entire gun collection stolen from a storage unit in Florida while I was deployed to Kuwait. I had renter's insurance at the time. I gave State Farm (and the police) my inventory list complete with serial numbers and pictures. They cut me a check for the current retail prices for each one. For my guns that were not replaceable, they gave me the choice of an equivalent replacement and paid me accordingly.

    Moral of the story is to have a safe if you want, and spend what you feel is appropriate, but definitely have a good inventory and have an insurance policy.
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    I Have Two Brownings...

    One is a short (30") safe which cost me about $400 and a small, but tall, version of the same Browning safe which cost me $1300...
    Either, when filled with guns and ammo, would require 'two men and a truck' to move.

    Can a real thief get in? Probably, but the regular BG's will be discouraged.

    You get what you pay for...


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