BOTACH ???????

Our training group has just completed our orders from Botach.

We got 40+ pairs of desert cammo pants @ $10.95 each(half a bottle of Rit clothes dye and they turn green and brown camo);13 Tactical(instructors) belts @ $14.95 each;7 5.11 Vests @ $29.95 each; 14 9mm,33rd mags @ $24. each; 30+ various other Glock mags @ $15. each;and other "good deal" items.(the pants,vests and the belts were the origional 5.11 brand,and the mags were the origional Glock OEM)

None of the orders took more than a week to arrive. All orders were complete and as advertised. guys can bad mouth the company all you want. If they are that bad I would say,"definately(!) do not order from them".

All those of you that have got any of these items cheaper and/or quicker,tell all of us here,from who and how much.

Could of been....?.... we were simply lucky I guess. -------