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Speedloaders vs. Strips

This is a discussion on Speedloaders vs. Strips within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So do you just pluck out your rounds and insert in the cylinder? Or is the plastic pliable enough and spaced out correctly to insert ...

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Thread: Speedloaders vs. Strips

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    So do you just pluck out your rounds and insert in the cylinder? Or is the plastic pliable enough and spaced out correctly to insert two rounds at a time in the cylinder from the strip?
    You insert two rounds at a time, insert two rounds into the chambers and lift the strip away. Slower than a speedloader but still faster than carrying six loose rounds out of you pocket.
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    I'll have to pick some up, but seeing as how I only carry my 642 in the winter as a pocket gun, I have plenty of room for a speed loader or two in the other coat pocket.

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    I carry both. Right now I'm slumming and threw a snubbie in an ankle rig (Renegade) and two speed strips in a Glaco COP ankle nag pouch. In the pocket of my leather jacket are two speed loaders, but on occasion I take off the jacket when I reach my destination or when the temp gets high I'll stuff the jacket into a saddle bag so the strips are there.
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    speed loader for sure

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    I keep a speedloader in the car, and one by the bed. I keep a speed strip in my back pocket, (which also goes by the bed at night) very comfortably. I also think the speedloaders are faster, but I don't like the bulk on me. I already have too much junk in my pockets and on my belt.
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    I'm not sure what being or not being a cop has to do with it. If you have emptied your gun and need to reload I suspect that you'll want that reload fairly quick. The BG isn't going to say to himself "Oh, this guy isn't a cop... I'll give him five more seconds."

    When I carried a revolver I went with the speed strips. A speed loader was almost more difficult to conceal than the firearm itself.
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    Two speed strips in my back pocket for me; although I need to get faster with them.

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    When I carry my 442, 2 speed strips in my strong side rear pocket. Speed loaders are just too bulky for concealment, for me. I live in S. California. Coat weather is fairly short. When wearing a coat, I'll put my speed loaders in a coat pocket & still have the speed strips in my pants pocket.

    You have to practice with them. They're not going to be as quick as a speed loader, but you can be pretty quick with them.
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    Back in the day ... LOL I carryed a speedloader strong side jacket pocket ( read cover garmet here ) , and then a couple of speedstrips . Loaders are clunky but will weight a garmet where it will " swing out " for a draw , strips are slow as christ's second comeing but conceal well and beat hell out of a pocket full of loose ammo .
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    I use both. For pocket carry, the strips are best. Steve48

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