Magnesium Fire Starter Kit

Magnesium Fire Starter Kit

This is a discussion on Magnesium Fire Starter Kit within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I thought I would share this one with you. I bought this one on Ebay & selected this one over the key-chain since I intend ...

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Thread: Magnesium Fire Starter Kit

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    Post Magnesium Fire Starter Kit

    I thought I would share this one with you.
    I bought this one on Ebay & selected this one over the key-chain since I intend to pack this one. It's a good value for the money.

    You can use the U.S. Quarter showing in the photo to help you judge the size of the stuff.
    I got: (below) but, he has changed the kit a bit.

    (1) comparatively huge rod of pyro flint
    (4) bags of pre-shaved Magnesium
    (1) Big Thick Block of Magnesium
    (1) bar of Trioxane
    (1) bag of - I forget what da hell it is - Thermite Cotton yep, that's what it was.
    Also Not shown...
    (1) short section of hardened hacksaw blade
    (1) nifty little leather pouch that I pitched out right away.

    The seller seems to be a nice, friendly, honest guy.
    The delivery was fast. The shipment was properly packed.
    Everything was as described.

    So if he is still selling these I'll post a link to one of his auctions. I am in no way related to this seller & only purchased the kit from him.
    It naturally works as advertised and the cost was very fair.
    I got a test fire started within a couple of minutes - just used my survival camp knife (not the hacksaw blade) and some dry fine tinder and not the block of tinder material supplied 'cause I like to "keep it real" when I test stuff for deep woods minimal survival. Looks like he changed the kit a bit as you will see.
    I just bought mine for the Big block of Magnesium and the BIG flint which is all I intend to pack.

    Here Is The Seller That I Bought It From CLICK HERE

    Another Fine Ebay Purchase Presented For CombatCarry Members
    By Moderator & Friend QKShooter......His Motto Being:
    "Taking a chance getting screwed on Ebay so that you'll never have to."
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    I'm Confused...

    Unless one is in the REAL wilderness "To Build a Fire", by Jack London...why not just invest in waterproof matches or several Bic lighters?

    Am I missing something?

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    Thumbs up

    We can't allow the Big Butanes to usurp Wilderness Survival. Just because they happen to work better than anything else.
    You're not missing anything.
    The advantage of the magnesium is no moving parts, nothing to break - always completely waterproof even without any waterproof container and the ability to create multitudes of fires.
    I pack a couple of Bics also.
    It's a super neat way to start a fire though.
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    I've got one of though magnesium starters somewhere around here. I also keep waterproof matches, a compass, a back up folder and a small first aid kit in my fishing vest - I carry the same gear anytime I go into the woods as well. I simply refuse to go out into nature unprepared for possible emergencies. Hey, it's no different than why we carry our handguns ... just in case.

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    I love the magnesium firestarters...I think that for a backup firstarter it has no simple and nothing to break.
    though having said that I do prefer a lighter or matches as a first line firestarter

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    I like the magnesium fire starters, but if injured It would be hard to scrape. In my M6 scout survival rifle, (the buttstock opens to hold fifteen .22 & four .410 rounds), I have 2 used .410 shells that hold the spark-lite and several tinders. The big advantages of spark-lite are:
    -fits in my gun
    -one handed use
    -requires way less practice
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    Only thing I'd add to that is a film canister loaded with cotton balls dipped (soaked) in vasoline. Any little spark on that will start a fire in the wettest of environments, even in pouring rain.

    Why a fire starter kit over matches and lighters? I carry both, but to be honest, I always start my fires with a little piece of cotton ball soaked in vasoline every time, even at home and talk about whoomp.
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    Dryer lint works well, if it is loosely packed too. I commonly carry a magnesium block starter too. Matches and lighters work, but always have a backup.
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