found a light

found a light

This is a discussion on found a light within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i came across this torch, i'm seriously considering buying it:

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    found a light

    i came across this torch, i'm seriously considering buying it:

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    definitly worth the 30 bucks. I spent 32 for my surefire. I really love the light output on my surefire but that has the defensive caps. In my opinion its well worth the 30 risk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jahwarrior72 View Post
    i came across this torch, i'm seriously considering buying it:
    One lumen...a unit of luminous flux equal to the light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one candle intensity...

    How many in that light?

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    I bought one

    It is big real big I thought it looked like a display model for a surefire light.I dont like it at all. Thought I'd save you the money. I am not sure if they gave the dementions and if they did I did not pay it any mind.
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    Yeah, it is big. It uses two 'C' cells. I'm not big on alkaline batteries. I kinda worry about no-name flashlights anyway. If the strike bezel is that important to you then I would assume you're trained to fight with a kobutan. If not then I wouldn't worry to much about it. I have a E2D pictured here.

    It is more of a novelty for me though. Granted in a pinch I could use it effectively but I have so many other better options. :) Besides, the scallops are hard on the pockets. :) Thats just humble opinion anyway. :)

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    Try looking here the lights are cheap (inexpensive) but many have had good responses with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
    Try looking here the lights are cheap (inexpensive) but many have had good responses with them.

    Nice link!


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