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Help with boots

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Thread: Help with boots

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    botach is having a closeout sale on danners. check 'em out.
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    Original SWAT. Goin on my second pair. to be precise I've been wearing this pair for exactly 7 hours and 50 minutes and they already feel like old confy mocassins.
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    I wear Bates M9's. I like a higher boot this one is 9" as opposed to most that are lower. IMO, I always found Rocky and 5.11's to be not very durable.

    Bottom line is you get what you pay for.

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    I used Rocky's 911 boots for ten years or so as a paramedic - great boots!!

    (was sad to see them move a bunch of their jobs offshore though )

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    I'm not LEO, MIL or paramedic but I was looking for a good set of boots and chose the Ridge 900 Ultimate side zip. They are fairly light, not quite a light as running shoes, but not bad. they are a bit too warm for summer though. Other than that last, I am really liking them. Very comfortable and easy on/off. And they didn't break the bank.

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    Well I picked up my 5.11 ATAC 8" Side Zip boots this Saturday. I love the side zip feature and they are very comfortable. Time will tell how the hold up.

    Anyone know how to spit polish boots? I have to have my boots spit polished for every day of the academy and I have never done it before.
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    Anyone know how to spit polish boots? I have to have my boots spit polished for every day of the academy and I have never done it before.
    Small circles, very small circles.

    That is a pretty decent guide I used on my dress shoes for NROTC, took some time but worked. Everyone has different tricks and stuff, I'm sure some others will jump in with theirs.

    The best way to spit shine boots is to buy boots with as little leather as possible.
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    That link is pretty good. Do that & you should be in pretty good shape. Oh, those were the days...

    Down the road, when you need work boots, check out Thoroughgoods. They lasted far longer than any of my other boots. The Magnums lasted me maybe 6 mo., most lasted 1 yr., but I could go 2 yrs. with the Thoroughgoods.

    Good luck at the academy.
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    I will be hard to keep a good shine on 5.11's. Should try jump boots for a long lasting polish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    I like my original swat side zip boots. maybe not quite sneaker weight , but not all that heavy.
    I have the same ones and they are great for daily wear. I also have had good luck with Bates.

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    A lot of our CBP pilots and AIO's wear anything from Oakley boots, 5.11, Converse or Bates. I personally wear a pair of 5.11 Atac 6" boots, very comfortable and breathable.
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    Have fun spitshinning....but dont use spit, LOL.

    I was/am so glad those days are over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by '75scout View Post
    Anyone know how to spit polish boots? I have to have my boots spit polished for every day of the academy and I have never done it before.
    1. You want either Lincoln Stain Wax or Kiwi Parade Gloss shoe polish.

    2. Take the lid off the polish can and set it on the table next to the polish.

    3. Fill the lid about halfway with a 50/50 mix of water and rubbing alcohol.

    4. Take an old cotton T-shirt, or a cotton diaper, and drape it over your index finger, or first 2 fingers. Wrap the excess around your hand, and hold it in place with your pinky.

    5. Dip your cotton-covered finger(s) in the water/alcohol and then wipe it across the top of the polish.

    6. Rub the polish LIGHTLY into the leather in a circular motion. I always liked to start with big circles and go smaller as I went.

    7. Repeat 5 and 6 until you're satisfied with the results.

    The harder the leather is, the better this works. There's this boot company called Corcoran......

    ....but beauty comes at a price.....blisters and sore feet....

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    Talking Remingtons seem to last the best

    I have worn Bates but they seem to die in a few months. Usually the lining in the heel area wears out hang up the heel when you pull it out. This ends up leaving a hole above heel in your boot. I have a pair of Remingtons that I bought at the uniform shop in Bellevue Ne. They lasted over 3 years of constant wear. Had zipper side and a snap down flap over the top of the zipper. Best boots I have ever had.
    After you get a good shine on your boots, take one of your wifes nylon stocking and use it to buff the polish. This will really bring out the shine. If you are brave enough to try and get one of your wifes silk stocking, this works even better. Warning! Attempt obtaining your wifes silk stocking at your own risk. LOL
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    I will wear only Whites Boots. Packer or Smoke Jumper. Once you do you will never wear another brand but than you will not need to as they last forever and are rebuildable. Mine are 15 years old and except for resoling every two years as good as new. They custom hand make a mold of your foot and build your boot off of that. The boots are virtually indestructible. Whites has been making boots for 200 years. Here in the NW it is what every professional smoke jumper and logger wears. The standard by which all other boots are measured. Once they are broken in, they are more comfortable than moccasins or barefoot. It takes over a week to break in as they feel like they are made of concrete and you are standing on a roll of quarters when they are new. You will never get a blister wearing them and will be able to spend hours more on your feet comfortably regardless of terrain. Far cheaper than other boots because you will NOT be replacing these every few years.
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