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    Does anybody have any experience with these. I looked one over at a gun show in Raleigh this past weekend and it looks promising. The laser activates when a person's finger goes inside the triggerguard and touchs a sensor pad. Deactivates in approx. 8 seconds when the finger is removed. Right now they are being made for Glocks, Kel-Tec, and Kahr's. According to their website they are coming out with a model for the XD in July. According to their website the unit is made in the US. It looks like a pretty durable unit, but looks can be decieving.

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    I would be very leery about any product that would encourage you to put your finger in the trigger guard before you've made the decision to shoot.

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    I don't generally like lasers on firearms, I think money would be better spent on training ammo. For a little bit more cash you could get either a Crimson Trace or Lasermaxx, either of which you would be able to use a standard holster with probably, unlike the unit you are looking at. The other two companies have pretty good reputations too.

    I don't like that you have to put your finger in the trigger guard before ready to shoot if you have to pull your firearm you don't want to have your trigger finger flailing around trying to hit the laser then back to the trigger, too much room for error when the same thing can be accomplished better with a different system. Or the fact that it has a set limited duration to stay on, too likely to not be on when you want it, or be on when you don't want it.

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    They have a very sensitive "ON" you do not need to put your finger completely in the trigger guard or actually on the trigger.

    But, really though that is where your finger should be once you've made a decision to shoot and that is when the laser instantly comes on.
    Seems workable to me.
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    Kevin at K&D has these among his accessories on offer .........

    Near bottom of page.
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    Unlike the Crimson Trace laser, which I have on my Taurus 850, the Armalaser, which my wife and I both have on our Kel-Tec 32s, only remains on for 12 seconds after you place your finger on the trigger. Therefore, putting your finger on the trigger prematurely could cause the laser to go off just when you need it. We practice keeping our finger off the trigger until we are ready to shoot. This seems to work well.

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    Hi all, thought I would just chime in. The ArmaLaser is designed so that you can either turn on the laser in those very quick defensive situations where it is ''draw and fire'' while not having to perform a secondary action such as hunt for a switch or change your grip pressure. Our purpose was to have the laser turn on as you are ready to fire.

    However, if you do have the time to be tactical, you can turn the laser on without having to put the trigger finger into the trigger guard:
    Using a modified Weaver stance (shooting hand on grip, trigger finger on the side of pistol, while the opposite hand is supporting the pistol and trigger hand) extend the thumb of your non-trigger hand to hit the touch sensor strip.

    This way, your trigger finger stays out of the trigger guard, and your laser is actuated.

    It was designbed to have the best of both worlds, instant-on when needed, stealthy and tactical if time permits.

    Hope that helps.

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