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Flashlight suggestions?

This is a discussion on Flashlight suggestions? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by levi333 After looking more, i really like the idea of the Surefire E2D, but I'm not sure if its bright enough for ...

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Thread: Flashlight suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by levi333 View Post
    After looking more, i really like the idea of the Surefire E2D, but I'm not sure if its bright enough for my needs. I don't really need to carry this flashlight, but it would be a nice option.
    Leaning towards that or something by Fenix. Maybe the L2D-CE. I like the looooong battery life options, and the multiple outputs. Any downsides to it?
    First of all, the E2D is PLENTY bright enough unless you are gonna signal planes and small ships. Secondly, why in the hell WOULDN'T you carry it? If you carry a gun - you should ALSO carry a flashlight. I'll go out on a limb and say prolly 80-90% of ALL the armed encounters that do happen, will happen during a period of limited lighting or TOTAL darkness! Third, the Fenix L2D-CE light is an LED light, right? LED's are great for lighting up a room, but they absolutely SUCK when you are trying to see something that is beyond 25 yards or more...they just don't have the throw that a Xenon bulb has.

    Besides...I can't get used to that blue hue that LED's are famous for.

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    I still say the best flashlight value out there is the SureFire G2 for roughly $35. A better deal is the Brinkmann "MaxFire" that you can pick up at Wal-Mart for about 20 bucks. It's basically a G2 copy, it just lacks the throw of the SureFire G2.

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    Thumbs up

    Check out wolf eyes flash lights. Good bang for the buck!
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    I am a fan of the Surefire 6p. Bright enough for defensive work, not so expensive that I would really upset if it were lost. I only gave 35.00 for mine. I think most of the time you are going to find them around 50.00.
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    Get a Fenix or LED with a Cree Bulb

    Hello All!

    I'm new to the forum, and I thought I'd put my .02 in. I would try to get something with a Cree LED in it what ever you choose. You can't beat the output and battery life. Also, LEDs are far more shock resistant than a Xenon bulb in most high output tactical flashlights. And they have a regulated output so they don't fade as fast either.

    I have a G2, a Streamlight NF2, a Fenix L1P, and I just got an UltraFire C2 from DealExtreme.

    I am impressed with the quality and reliability of my Fenix L1P; and the size is another big plus. Fenix now has the L1D with a Cree bulb. It boasts a 120 Lumin output on a single AA battery. If it's even half the throw of the Cree flashlight I just bought, it will give you 25 Yards of visability without a problem. It will set you back about $50 and it measures about 3"x.75" which is nice for an EDC light.

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    I got my Fenix p3d-ce in the mail last night. Amazing flashlight. Very high quality, lots of options, and pretty good throw. Even on the lowest setting, it gave a pretty decent amount of light. On turbo, it's incredibly bright. Swiped the batteries from another led flashlight I own that was one of the cheap 7-led types, and the light output from the p3d was way better with just one bulb. No sound at all no matter how hard you shake it. My only small gripe would be the lack of momentary on. They should really make a momentary on tailcap or something. Aside from that...amazing flashlight.

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    I have a 3D Led Maglite. Not a pocket flashlight at all but for something to throw in the truck you can't beat it for $30.
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