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Do You Keep A Bug-out Bag Ready To Go ?

This is a discussion on Do You Keep A Bug-out Bag Ready To Go ? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a backpacker, so I obviously keep one. As a tip to some of you guys, trust me - you want to keep your weight ...

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Thread: Do You Keep A Bug-out Bag Ready To Go ?

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    I'm a backpacker, so I obviously keep one. As a tip to some of you guys, trust me - you want to keep your weight down if you plan on staying mobile. There's nothing wrong with bugging out to one location, but if you have to move quickly....

    Consider these variables and topics if you keep a BOB and think you may use it:
    Local Water Supplies - Are they seasonal? How "big" is that river or creek versus what it tells you on the map? How is it fed (important if there is a nuclear disaster)? Is it upstream or downstream from population centers? How fast can you get water purified if you need it?

    Local Game Supplies - Do you know how to clean a squirrel? Do you know how to keep meat fresh after killing game if you have to kill something larger? Do you know how to trap versus just shooting all your food? From what I've heard, .45 ACP and .308 don't make good varmint rounds due to their... "redistribution characteristics." Don't forget vitamins your body needs to function.

    Altitude Changes - It will effect you more than you know, but aren't as important below 3000'. Higher elevations will dehydrate you MUCH faster, cause you to expend more energy, and move a lot slower. Altitude sickness is something you want to avoid, trust me. It's like a hangover that lasts long after you'd wished you were dead. As well, wildlife can sometimes become scarce above the more extreme elevations (above 9000'). And don't forget the sun's ability to get VERY abrasive when you're above that much of the atmo.

    Knowledge of Terrain - You better know where you are going and have spent a few nights up there before with just your pack. Get the most up-to-date topo map that the USGS has available (in some cases, this may be around 50 years). A GPS might be helpful, too.

    Weight - Your BOB's weight can hinder or even kill you if you dont 'pack regularly. You might strap that 40-pound sack on and think you could man-up and hump it 15 miles in a day, but the reality is much more painful: You might be able to do it, but you might not be able to move for the next day or two if you don't work those muscles regularly. Borelli had some good listings for items to include in your pack, but many of them could be shaved and other items used... for instance... He strongly suggests sunglasses. I agree. However, why not use a slice of duct tape and use slits in it to see out of? Sure, your vision is cut waaay down, but hey... And your toothbrush? If you bring one - cut the handle off. Do you really need full-size handles on your stainless steel silverware.. Especially when you can easily cut the handles off of Lexan ones? See where I'm going with this? I've shaved some of my weights WAY down in my BOB packing just so I can carry ammo.

    Clothing - Avoid fleece and cotton altogether. Once they get wet, they STAY wet, weigh a ton (when wet), and don't retain heat when you need it (when wet). Wool is the best and only way to go for clothing. As well, anything "Wick-Dry" is really good. I swear by Wick.

    Pack - Are you going to beat the crap out of your pack? Do you expect it to take abuse or are you going to try to take good care of it? You can find 43 oz, 4600 cu'in. packs for ~$250 custom built (one example is The ULA Catalyst), but you better take care of it. Or you can get a nylon/cordura bag that will weigh 8.5 pounds to start-with... but it might last forever and through anything. Trade-offs here are VERY important.

    Sleeping Bag - Down filler. Not nylon. It weighs less and will still keep you warm if it gets wet.

    I have a spreadsheet/checklist I use that lists weights, costs, etc. I've sent it out to members before. If you're interested, PM me and I'll shoot a copy to a given e-mail address.
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    I have a couple of excellent titles in my survival library that I'd recommend:

    #1 How to Live Off the Land in the City or the Country by Ragnar Benson

    #2 Survival Poaching by Ragnar Benson

    #3 & #4 Mantrapping 1 & 2 both by Ragnar Benson.
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    I'm Planning on Sticking Around...

    If forced to leave, then no BOB...just a BOT (bug out trailer).! I have a fully loaded enclosed cargo trailer with my Harley, camping gear, weapons/ammo, and food for an extended period of time...Let's Roll...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    Yes. It's a soft-sided cooler with a 6 pack of Budweiser. Rotated regulary to keep the born-on date fresh.

    Ice packs always ready to go in the freezer.

    Escape route leads to the front porch to watch the fireworks.

    Benelli M1 somewhere in the house...
    Go Glock - until you can afford H&K

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