I Love Rubber Hogue Grips

I Love Rubber Hogue Grips

This is a discussion on I Love Rubber Hogue Grips within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can hear The Tourist now? If you love Hogue Grips so much then why don't you marry them? Because that would be weird. And ...

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Thread: I Love Rubber Hogue Grips

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    I can hear The Tourist now?

    If you love Hogue Grips so much then why don't you marry them?

    Because that would be weird. And wrong.

    But seriously I was just taking inventory and realized that somehow my 686 has multiplied into my three beloved wheelies and my lone semiautomatic.

    Oddly enough it was the P89 that sparked this thought. I took it out last time and fired it. I'm regaining some of my confidence ever since the whole "forgot to turn off the safety" episode.

    I remembered how much of an improvement it was when I fitted it with Hogue grips.

    Now, much to my amusement, I see this:


    I read the word Exclusive, and I laugh. I had this very gun months ago. All one does is replace the grips, and my 17 round Mec Gar magazines work just fine thank you. And mine has a stainless slide just like I prefer.

    But thinking about it, that's really the one accessory that's made this Ruger likable. The factory grips leave much to be desired. I can't believe Ruger hasn't just quit trying to make their own grips and contracted it out to Hogue instead.

    The same is true of my 642. Hogue Bantam Grips have done much to make it more pleasant to shoot while keeping it a small pocket gun.

    And I'm still hunting for a better fit to my hand than an L frame Smith and Wesson with guess what? Hogue Grips. As a matter of fact I think that's why think I like these things so much: the rubber Hogue grips made for revolvers are just awesome.

    They're so cheap and they work wonderfully... my God they even satisfy the miser in me.

    The only downside is that the surface is a touch "clingy" and it makes it just a touch harder to conceal and draw. That and they don't seem to make one to fit my Rossi but that's forgiveable.

    There remains just one question though... how exactly is "Hogue" pronounced?

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    It Would Be Wrong

    "I can hear The Tourist now?

    If you love Hogue Grips so much then why don't you marry them?
    Because that would be weird. And wrong."

    It would be wrong because legally you could only marry one grip.
    If you married both grips then that would be polygripamy (more than one grip) & that would be considered to be a social & religious taboo.

    Hogue...Good Company.
    Everything they sell is "no hassle" satisfaction guaranteed.
    They have great, polite customer service.
    I have some of their exotic wood grips.
    My only objection to their rubber grips is that they are well....rubber...& not very decorative.
    Since I keep all of my carry pistols basically "box stock" the grips are about the only place I can personalize my guns a bit.
    The plain rubber grips are a little too utilitarian looking for me but, I keep a set on one of my J~frame Smiths & they work just great.

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    comfort aside, i find they like to stick to cloting and botch draws from concealment.

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    If you love Hogue Grips so much then why don't you marry them?

    I have only one really bad, hard kicking handgun, and it's primarily the load, not necessarily the calibre or model firearm.

    I have a 6" lug barrel stainless 629-5 in .44 Magnum. Not the top of the food-chain anymore by a long shot.

    I do shoot a 250 grain Keith 429421 cast bullet with a square lube groove. It is cast of lino, the hot casting immediately dropped into ice water to increase the Brinnel hardness.

    I launch my 'practice loads' with Alcan AL-8 powder, which is pretty much a duplicate of the old Hercules Blue Dot.

    I do not use Hogue grips.

    Rather, I use the old style round butt N-frame SW grips and a PAST shooting glove. The grips are wider, and they spread the recoil over a broader area, which is then blunted by the shooting glove.

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    Hogue Rubber ~ On the plus side

    Hogue rubber grips do get less "sticky" as they get older.
    Mine are real old & they're not sticky at all anymore.
    But, nothing can make them look any better.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    All I can say is that they've done wonders for me. I injured my right hand back in January, and lost a lot of muscle on the heel of my palm. It changed my grip and really had me worried. When I started shooting again, last month, my grip was significantly altered, and the shock of each shot was being translated directly to the sensitive scar tissue. I put Hogue finger grooves on my 226, and they've made a huge difference. They are definitely a little sticky, but with practice, it isn't affecting my draw.
    - Tom
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    Would hate to be without them. Some revo's are for sure way more comfortable and controllable with them and - in fact - most useful of all for me are the Handalls - slip one of those on a semi and it feels so much better.

    I have CT's on my SIG and love those - they are rubber type material but no stickiness at all.

    A very (I mean very) modest dusting of sticky Hogues with magnesium powder - or talcum powder, can reduce that and yet still allow the grips to feel firm and secure. If you overdo it - wash off and try again.
    Chris - P95
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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