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I need/want a gun safe. Need inexpensive one. What kind? From where?

This is a discussion on I need/want a gun safe. Need inexpensive one. What kind? From where? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The only problem I see is that I now have this compelling urge to fill it up with more guns.... I thought you said there ...

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Thread: I need/want a gun safe. Need inexpensive one. What kind? From where?

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    The only problem I see is that I now have this compelling urge to fill it up with more guns....
    I thought you said there was a problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son View Post
    Here is the one I just got from Sams, It was $600 picked up, it is fire rated, and roomy.

    Winchester Gun Safe @ Sam's
    +1 for Sam's Club or Costco safes. The Winchester even has a pre-drilled hole for dehumidifier, and switchable interior for up to 28 long guns.

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    Some inexpensive safes I've seen appear to be quite not-airtight... I wonder if, especially in Florida, humidity control could be a concern.

    I mean, my guns have not rusted being in the closet not in a safe; and I bought this dessicant brick thingie, the kind you can dry out in an oven and reuse, that changes color to indicate it needs drying. I've never put it to use. If I were to do so in a safe, would I want to set up some sort of airproofing so that humidity doesn't simply seep in once the door's closed?

    Another thing that's kept me from getting a gun safe all this time is not knowing where to get one. I'm not in an area with Cabela's and stuff. Also, my preference is to get something that I could perhaps hand-truck into the house myself. I really prefer to not have anyone know -- not even store personnel, much less deliverymen -- that I have a gun safe likely to be holding numerous firearms...

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    They have some really cheap ones at Dicks sporting goods. Like $80 but its more like a high school style "locker" than a "safe". I was thinking about getting one for my college apartment. I can't afford a huge safe and it would basically be used to prevent guests in my place from stumbling across my guns.

    But they do bolt/screw into the floor and walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    Holy moly 400 pounds?! Wow. But I guess you want to make it as heavy as you can manage, as extra deterrence against someone just carting it off with all its contents.
    Thats light. Mine came in at 550 dry, and I have always thought of it as a lightweight compared to some others out there.

    Speaking of weight, think about the location as well. For instance, mine loaded up with all my stuff is coming in at well over a 1,000 lbs. You can't just sit that kind of weight anywhere in your house and not expect some kind of structural problems. Mine sits on a concrete floor so I have no worries.
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    I'd ask, who are you trying to stop? The determined burgler with tools, the street rats taking advantage of the fact that you're not at home, or perhaps just children in the house.

    I felt like the last scenario (followed by the middle ) were my biggest threats, so.....

    I decided to purchase a small (1.2 cubic ') safe AND a metal 10 gun type rifle locker.

    I then proceeded to built a (3/4" plywood) cabinet around them. The cabinet is secured into a corner on three sides (every 6" on all studs - using 3 inch drywall screws), and the two safes are secured into the wooden cabinet. The "safes" sit 6" back inside the cabinet so as to minimize any pry points.

    All exposed screw heads were eventually rounded and filled with paint.

    Small safe $160
    Rifle Locker $100
    Wood/Screws $100
    Piece of mind Priceless

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    Walmart has a good deal on two or three Sentry models every year at Christmas. Here in Virginia, that's the only time they stock them and they only get one shipment, so you have to watch for them. I got a 10-gun model with just the one shelf at the top for $189. It normally lists on their website for $249; it is 170lbs.; it bolts to the wall and/or floor; it is NOT a fire safe. We also got a small electronic fire safe for other valuables and important papers. When we remodel our house, we will probably build something in.
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    Some very good info on this thread. Very good reading.
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    Most Walmarts and sporting good stores that sell firearms have some inexpensive safes. Level of security depends on how much you spend. I've used the basic metal safes with the round keyed locks in the past. Still have one where I keep the overflow of less expensive guns that won't fit in my big safe. Will prevent someone from just walking in taking your guns. Will have to work a bit to get in to it and you can bolt it to a floor or wall.Cost was around a $100 or less for their smaller model and goes up from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zundfolge View Post
    While not fire proof nor super secure, I've been thinking about getting a couple of these and putting them in the back of a closet (I figure "hidden" will increase the security and make up for the lack of safe-like strength).

    If that is all you are really looking for, you might consider an electrical panel, the one that houses all of your circuit breakers, You could mount it near the real one, or near the utility room, maybe even put a label on it designating it (Back Up Generator) or something. Maybe put in a couple of breakers, and then you have the rest of the space behind the inside cover. If they do open the door, there are breakers in it, why look further. You might could even cut out the bottom, and create a cavity inside the wall below for longer guns. Remember though, that is Concealment, not Cover, so to speak.
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