Gun Cabinet, or Gun Safe

Gun Cabinet, or Gun Safe

This is a discussion on Gun Cabinet, or Gun Safe within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Guys, I'm on the line here. I enjoy firearms, I enjoy having them in my house, and I enjoy using them as conversational pieces when ...

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Thread: Gun Cabinet, or Gun Safe

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    Gun Cabinet, or Gun Safe


    I'm on the line here. I enjoy firearms, I enjoy having them in my house, and I enjoy using them as conversational pieces when I have friends over.

    I still live at home, but by the end of the summer I'll be living in my own apartment in the basement (as opposed to on the main floor with my parents).

    I know that a gun cabinet is not as secure as a safe is, but how secure can you make them (if I build my own, with my father's help)? I'm also considering getting a safe, in the event that I'm going to be out of the house for a long period of time.

    My basic question for everyone is, how do you guys feel about cabinet's vs. safes? What do you use?


    P.S. - It's important to note that my mother does not approve of the fact that I have firearms at all, and is under the impression that there is no ammo in the house. So the cabinet would only be in my own apartment.
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    I understand where your coming from. Someone tried to sell my wife a beautiful gun cabinet last x-mas. She really wanted to get it for me. I had to tell her no, reluctantly. Sure it had locks, but glass doors. No good. I really liked it, but I couldn't leave my guns basically unsecured and on display. I'd go with a safe, even though I'd love to display my guns.
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    Just Two Questions...

    How would you feel about losing all your guns and a nice gun cabinent?

    How would you feel about coming home to a secure safe too heavy for the dirtbags to make a quick 'in/out' hit and leave the HEAVY safe intact?

    You decide...

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    After mucho research & him-hawing back & forth I went with the cabinet style (all metal - no glass).

    Sure, you can get into with a crowbar, but it will keep the kids out and it will make an awful lot of noise it someone gets to it & walks away with it. All the guns are replaceable - just more concerned with kids at this point.

    Real safes are the best way to go, but they are a lot of work to get in and out of the house. Don't know how long I'll be in this dwelling but it won't be too much longer.

    With the next house when moving in I'll buy a real safe and have the movers deal with it. Put it in the basement or closet and it dies with the house.
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    Go with the safe. Don't advertise, you never know who's taking inventory.

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    Gun safe.

    I have a Stack-On so it is a gun locker.
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