Thanks for posting the info.

One of the cheapie stocking stuffers that my Wife got me for X~Mas was a set of three of those clear plastic housing flashlights that you shake for a minute or so...No Batteries at all.
They have the cylindrical magnet that runs over a copper coil to generate some juice to power one LED.

They are a single LED and the light output basically sucks but, it's enough to see where you're putting your feet and it's enough to check things out under the hood. (barely but, enough)
So I have one in the car...along with one much better "car flashlight" and one up at the cabin.

They are pretty cheap construction and won't take much abuse but, they're so inexpensive that they make a good "absolute last ditch" light source giving at least more light than a candle or a BIC Butane and no batteries to ever go dead.

Pick up a few. I think my Wife paid $4.00 for all three of them.
Chinese Import...Real Cheap.