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This is a discussion on Pocket LED light within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ianthin I love my Streamlight Protac 2L. It's bright enough I can spot coons in trees 50 yards out, the strobe is ...

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Thread: Pocket LED light

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ianthin View Post
    I love my Streamlight Protac 2L. It's bright enough I can spot coons in trees 50 yards out, the strobe is downright nasty against someone approaching in the dark, and the low light option is great to find your way in a dark theater. Mine rides in my RF pocket next to my Kershaw Cryo all day, every day.
    Spot on Ianthin! Same one I carry on and off duty. All you said, and not to mention those nasty knurled edges for use as an impact weapon!
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    I have tried a few options - but the one that I have settled on is a 5.11 TMT Penlight. I like it because of the tailcap switch that can do momentary-on if you don't depress it all the way, and the fact that it is thin enough to ride very well in the pocket of my pants. The length also means that it's not difficult to handle or "fiddly".

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    I use a Streamlight Microstream. Perfect size for my uses, just fits the hand while still being slim and short enough for any pocket. Plus the clip it comes with allows it to attach to hat brims, super handy for me. Uses common AAA batteries, something I prefer in a frequently used light/item.
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    I'm not a big believer of the "stop or I'll shine my light in your eyes" brand of self defense. But, the ulitilty of a small light is well worth the 20-50 bucks for a decent AAA light that is a breeze to carry. My current favorite is the stream light micro stream. It's old it's beat up with a nice "patina" but it works every time.
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    There are sooo many good single CR123 lights. My current favorite is an EagleTac D25C Clicky. I'm also a fan of the Sunwayman V11R.
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    Can't go wrong with a streamlight. I have several. I prefer the single cr123 version over the single AA because it is slightly shorter and more than twice the output. Weight is vertically nothing. Like it better than Fenix for the momentary on feature.

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    I just shifted over to the relatively new Nitecore TIP...a keychain light which is rechargeable (via USB) and can put out 360 lumens, but also steps down to only 1 for those times when you don't need to blind someone...or yourself.

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    I think that Trunite makes nice flashlights at very good prices.
    ThruNite LED Flashlight--Guiding you through the night!
    I have an Archer A1, 1 aa battery and liked it so such that last Christmas I bought a 1/2 dozen to give as presents.
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    This thread, and some others were the catalyst for me to add a light to my EDC load out recently.

    I've found I use my light as much or more than my folding knives.

    This weekend was a great example. I needed the light while visiting friends overnight, then later Sunday when a friend's move went awry and I humping boxes out of a black basement and then delivering in the dark, backing a trailer into a small dark curved driveway at 8 PM.

    I probably used my OLight twenty times and it performed every time. in two days. My knife was never opened.
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    I carry a Fenix PD35 TAC. Easy in my pocket or on belt holster.

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    My current EDC light is EagTac D25A Clicky Ti. This titanium chassis light is normally too expensive for me, but I got it at a steep discount. I purposely picked AA instead of CR123A battery, because every gas station has AA and AAA. Max setting is 200 lumens, which is bright enough at close range to make people close their eyes or turn away.
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    I currently carry either the Fenix PD35 or the Nitecore P-20

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    I have a number of flashlights for EDC, but the most useful for around the house and to keep in the car is a good headlamp. Nice to have both hands free and still have light wherever you are looking.

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    I do not carry anything more than I have to. A flashlight is something most already have. My Iphone has a flashlight in it. hen I have a 6-D cell baton light in my unit as well as having a 2-AA small LED light in my door panel. I see no need to carry something else in my pockets unless it is a lot of lottery winning cash.
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    A light is a very handy thing to have. Been carrying a Fenix for years...use it all of the time. As I get older, light is more important to my vision or in other words, no light...no sight.

    I have tried a few of the alkaline (AA and AAA)powered lights for uses around home, dismal battery life...I will only carry a light powered by CR123A batteries.

    Get one...
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