Lightsaver LED Tac Flashlight

Lightsaver LED Tac Flashlight

This is a discussion on Lightsaver LED Tac Flashlight within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I found this LED tac flashlight while surfing around the WWW. I haven't used it, so I can't vouch for it, but it looks OK. ...

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Thread: Lightsaver LED Tac Flashlight

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    Lightsaver LED Tac Flashlight

    I found this LED tac flashlight while surfing around the WWW. I haven't used it, so I can't vouch for it, but it looks OK. I'm posting this for members information only. Take a look.

    LED Tac Flashlight

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    Looks like quite a light..........75 lumens for around $76.
    I've been interested in a new light, so I've been reading other posts, info from Surefire, and deciding between a LED and a xenon model. Took a ride to my local Cabela's today, and was checking out mainly the L4, a 100 lumen LED model against an E2E, which has a 60 lumen xenon bulb. Couldn't believe the difference in the "beam" of the two. The xenon seemed much more condensed than the LED, even though there was a considerable difference in lumen power of the two. IMO. the xenon seemed "better" as a tac light than the LED, especially the farther away you got from the light source....about 15-20ft. as I tested in a darkened area in the store. I ended up buying the E2E, mainly due to my subjective opinions, and maybe in part to being hypnotized by reading all the posts, especially the advice from Glock 'em down! We'll see how it works out.


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    Most LED lights that use a Luxeon or Cree tend to have less of a hotspot and better flood lighting. With that said, there does come a point where raw lumen output can trump a focused, lower output beam. If I were indoors, say in a mall or clearing a house, I'd want as much output as I could get - and projection would not be a concern, so I'd use a light similar to the one I carry - a 160 lumen Fenix LED. If I were a beat cop, or was trying to spot deer in a field or the woods, I'd go with an incandescent bulb and a big reflector. Even though it may not put out as many lumens, it's far better for distance work (as you noticed). That narrow beam, however, wouldn't do me any good if I was trying to illuminate an entire room at once.

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    There are many great lights out there, I'm sure. Recently, I tried the Cabela's LED I read about from a thread here...

    In fact, I bought two of them (one for me and one for my son)...what a disappointment...both failed in just a few weeks...

    I don't need to light up a landing strip, just need it for personal defense and other night time searches...

    Now I'm back with my SureFire E2e...has served me very well, meets all my needs and has NEVER failed me...


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