Bear Cub Redux

Bear Cub Redux

This is a discussion on Bear Cub Redux within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Since being the lucky recipient of Black Bear's draw prize of the ''Bear Cub'' at the end of 2006 - I had good cause to ...

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Thread: Bear Cub Redux

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    Bear Cub Redux

    Since being the lucky recipient of Black Bear's draw prize of the ''Bear Cub'' at the end of 2006 - I had good cause to relish this excellent light last night. I am therefore in part re-writing some of the review I did on it months ago, plus some of the pic's.

    Long story short ........ I was leaving the ultralight airport (after dark) where I had been flying .... and as I went down driveway a truck came up with headlight out - I had to make way for him. Soon after at an intersection I found a distressed guy who had stopped and asked if I had seen a red truck. I said I thought it was the one I had just seen.

    Turns out this guy had had three vehicles part trashed by this truck, who gotten outa shape on a curve - and he had chased him after punching out the passenger side window to get him to stop. Front right of truck was well damaged plus he had a perforated radiator.

    Classic hit'n'run plus likely the truck driver was DUI. Cops called and finished up back at flying place where the truck had been abandoned. Cop impounded truck and bunch of us went looking in the woods to try and find this guy - no luck - big search area.

    I did tho want to say how superb that Bear Cub light was .... I cruised around on a four-wheeler and with that light in my hand had all the reach of a car headlight - the range was amazing and enabled me to search a large area. No perp found - unlikely in large area of course.

    Anyways - sorry, bit long already - but I just loved the performance of that light - it made the cop's std maglight look very weak!!! Last two pics are with camera set on manual - to just register the Surefire ..... and second pic is same setting with Bear Cub .... it was good out to 100 yards I reckon!

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    They do work well i bought one before you got your ..

    Both my Bulbs have went out but after about a year no big deal one was short life as i dropped the flash light opps

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