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What Is The Best Brand Of Snap Caps?

This is a discussion on What Is The Best Brand Of Snap Caps? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by PEF I have found A Zooms do wear quickly when cycled in .45's and 9mm's. Why someone does not make a painted ...

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Thread: What Is The Best Brand Of Snap Caps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PEF View Post
    I have found A Zooms do wear quickly when cycled in .45's and 9mm's.

    Why someone does not make a painted brass snap cap with the polymer primer I do not know. If I reloaded I would just make an empty cartridge and glue in a rubber plug for the primer (For my revolvers I just took spent casings, tapped out the primer and glued in rubber plugs in the primer holes).
    empty cases will not cycle in a semi-auto. I use Pachmayr and never had a problem.
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    I load a dummy round with no powder and hot glue as the "primer". I then mark the case with sharpie and use a dremel tool to cut the side of the case so I won't confuse it with live ammo.

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    The trouble with Azoom is that they work too well. The intent is to be able to safety dry fire the gun without damaging the firing mechanism. Azoom so closely mimics the dimensions of a live round that people end up repeatedly cycling them for reloading drills, misfire drills, etc. Repeating cycling will wear them out, but they last longer than plastic models. I try to stick mostly to dry fire.
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    A-Zoom. The transparent Pachmayr snap caps fall apart. The solid orange plastic snap caps develop a deep simple where the firing pin or striker hits the rear of the snap cap.

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    I use Azoom but don't forget to clean your gun after using them because they leave little flakes behind.
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    With the exception of some .22 rimfire firearms, dry firing most modern guns has VERY little ill-effect. And with rimfires, drywall screw anchors (plastic ones) work well and cost pennies for a big bag.
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    I recently found on Amazon snap caps by B-Unique Enterprises with all superior user reviews. I am. Buying those next.

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