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Thread: EDC flashlight

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    Fenix PD25
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    Howabout a flashlight and self defense tool and window breaker in one with clip?
    EDC flashlight-7102raqwull._sl1500_.jpg

    Current price is $16.37 at Amazon.
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    Check out the Bushnell Pro 100L at Walmart

    EDC flashlight-bushnellpro100l.jpg
    I picked up this flashlight at Walmart and I'm very happy with it. I carry it inside my right front pocket, clipped to the far right side of the pocket, and I hardly know it's there. It uses 2 AAA batteries, has a nice textured grip, and the ends of the flashlight can be used for self defense. The switch can be depressed partially for momentary on, or clicked all the way for constant on. For less than $20, I think it was a great choice!
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    Coast HX5 for me because I wanted to get something decent in budget pricing. Zoom is nice to have. Brightness on AA is 100 lumen but 300 on lipo (haven't tried that). I wished it had multi brightness. The 2-way clip is brilliant. I don't have a great method to carry it yet though.

    Also just got a Fenix 15th anniversary for Christmas. At 85 lumen it isn't going to blind anybody but it is tiny making it easy to throw in a watch pocket or front pocket. Very nicely crafted little light.

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    I use this one.
    $16 on amazon.
    Works like a charm.

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    I switched to a Streamlight 1L-1AA after carrying a SOG DE-03 for a year. I prefer the streamlight because it is brighter and less abrasive on clothing. It can also use CR123A or AA batteries and is 350 or 150 lumens respectively. It measures less than 1 inch wide and a shade over 4 inches long. It also has a low and strobe mode. Overall I'm quite happy with it.
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    I've become a Streamlight fan. I have a ProTac 2AA and a ProTac 2L. Both work very well, and if I'm not carrying one I'm carrying the other.

    The 2AA is the light I use at work. It sees hard use daily. It's been dropped onto concrete a couple times from around 6 feet and has also been fully submerged a couple times. Still works properly.

    The 2L I carry when not at work. It doesn't see nearly the use. I like it because it is smaller than the 2AA and brighter.

    The reason I carry the 2AA at work is because my employer will supply the batteries even though it's my personal light. It is common for me to go through a set in a 12hr shift. My 2L is carried often, used little. I'm still on the same set of CR123A I put in 10 months ago.

    Another post mentioned Pelican. I have used them in the past as well and have one that I carry in a pack. Very good light also.

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    Another Streamlight Protac 2L user here. It's a very nice light for the money. The "high" setting is bright, but not so bright that you blind yourself when using it, even in total darkness in a white wall hallway (typical home defense scenario). Therefore it is the option I use about 99% of the time. I only use the low power setting when I'm trying to read something close up, then the high setting it too bright. Otherwise the high setting is fine.

    If I was nitpicking the light, it would be nice if there was a selector knob for the 3 different light types (high, strobe, low). I've seen lights with a selector knob so you can choose which light type you want before turning on the light. It's a small complaint and I still recommend the light even with that single flaw.

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    Check out O Light batons - there are several.

    Small, powerful, lightweight.

    They are quality flashlights but don't break the bank - $40-$60 by and large.

    Name:  olight.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeanHard View Post
    I've been carrying the streamlight 1L-1AA. It's a pretty handy little light. Takes either a CR123 battery and is also capable of taking alkaline or lithium AA battery. With the single CR123 it has an output of 350 lumins and has three modes. 350, strobe or 40 lumin output. You can easily cycle between the modes. With the AA it's a 150 lumin output.
    Here's it for a size reference.
    (redacted, see post above)

    ProTac® 1L-1AA
    See, now THIS is the way to answer a query. You gotcher pic, you got yer size-comparison, you got yer links.

    Thing that's cool about discussing EDC Lights in a Defensive Firearms forum is that you want a light that will not only have the basics, you want one that will survive the jarring force of a recoil and not fly apart.

    Streamlight is worth the extra money because it is designed to handle recoil. Other lights that are cheaper -might- be as good, you just don't know.

    But you gotta have a tailcap switch, be about one palm-length wide, and be at least 200-300 real lumens. Great follow Mr Lean&Hard.

    Added value: https://www.amazon.com/Streamlight-8...dp/B01G75P1SC/
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