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This is a discussion on Best gun belt within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hanks belts. I got the "Black Out" and love it. Not to mention that it comes with 100 year warranty :)...

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Thread: Best gun belt

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    Hanks belts.
    I got the "Black Out" and love it.
    Not to mention that it comes with 100 year warranty :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyC View Post
    I actually just spoke with Bigfoot and they recommended the 14oz for me. It'll be just a glock 23 and the holster plus my iPhone in a belt clip. Do you agree 14oz or will I wish I had gotten the 18 like you did?
    Andy ... For your stated needs the 14 oz is likely sufficient. Two of the pistols in my carry rotation are all steel and weigh 3+ pounds which is why I went with the 18 ounce version. Good luck with your decision
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    As Buck stated, the 14 oz is more than enough. Good luck with it. I decided it was what I wanted too.
    I believe Kennydale has an 18oz.
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    Several +1's for Bigfoot. I just bought a 18 ounce with steel core - an awesome belt - I will buy more. Customer service is absolutely superior. Shipped same day it was ordered. I ordered a 42 inch instead of a 40 - pay attention to their size recommendation - order 4 inches larger than your pant size - I wear a 36 waist pants. I sent it back to them to exchange for a 40 inch. Bigfoot shipped the new size back to me the same day they received my return and they paid for the shipping although I ordered the wrong size. They have a 5 day trial period and the "wrong size exchange" policy. I called them several times before I ordered with questions and each time they were superior. I can not recommend Bigfoot enough.
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    On the 1.5 or 1.75 inch question. Measure your belt loops. Too late if you have already ordered. Also most holsters can be made to work with a 1.75 inch belt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeLiberty View Post
    Aker B21 is cheap and great. 1.5" Looks good in most dress. Stiffer than my Aliengear/bigfoot belt. The Aliengear belt with the roller buckle looks fine in jeans, but not as good in slacks. Has held up for about a year so far no problems.
    This is what I've been using for the past 6 months, but am seriously considering buying a Bigfoot 1.5 inch. The Aker works, and supports all the crap I put on my belt for EDC (full size 9, 18 rounds in it, spare 17 round mag, Leatherman Rebar) but it is starting to curl and bend around where I hitch it up. Not to mention it is a bit TOO stiff. But it works just fine.

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    I'm loving my Kore Essentials Gun Belt and would recommend them.
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    I have owned several gun belts (still do). My favorite has been Better Belt but after some abdominal surgeries I found that I couldn't wear IWB as the gun was almost right on the site of my new kidney. OWB required me to cinch up my belt so tight that I had significant discomfort. I recently got a Bigfoot (wearing it now) and with the steel support I can now at least wear OWB. It is by FAR the most firm belt of any I have ever owned, and I have only a few more holsters than belts
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    I've been wearing a Wilderness 5-stitch everyday now for more than four years OWB full size 1911.
    No complaints yet. Currently having a leather belt made by Malabar Gunleather locally.
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    My preference is Mike makes a great belt.

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    I have a couple of Bigfoot Gunbelts on the way. I had to take advantage of their exchange policy because as measured by their method my size fell on an odd number and as an incentive to loose weight I chose the smaller size belt and should have chosen larger. The quality is very nice for the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyC View Post
    What's everyone's recommendation for a good gun belt. Preferably leather. Or should I pick my holster first then get the belt? Will be carrying either appendix or IWB around 3-5. Still playing around with what's most comfortable position. Also not sure which belt width I should go with or if that even matters?

    Also I apologize for just posting question after question on here, I'm trying to learn on the fly here and get as much information as I can. I swear I'm not a gun noob, however I am a carry noob. Just going to get my cc so really the only carrying I've ever done is walking out my back door and back into the woods to my own small gun range I have. Never used a gun belt or holsters before.
    Get the belt first and get a 1.5 inch belt it is the most versatile and most holsters are made to fit well with that belt. Also 1.5 inch fits the loops on most pants, cords, jeans etc but not all dress pants.
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    I do not own any leather gun belts, I'm a nylon guy. Best one ive bought is a FightKraft one. I believe they call it there Axis belt. Its a buckle-less belt. Its awesome and super rigid. Its a 1.75in belt.
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    Another fan of A G Custom Leather. Great customer service as well. When my first belt came in, there was a note inside with my order that said they had the same belt size in a different color that had been returned and offered a healthy discount if I wanted it....after seeing the quality and fit of my order, I bought the other one as well.
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    Have owned several. I found BigFoot to be the best for me.
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