Just got a pair of Surefire L1 lights for me and my girlfriend. Super quality top of the line flashlights. The L1 uses a single 123 battery and has a dual stage switch. Pressing it a little gives 10 lumens, all the way in 65. That's as bright as the stock P60 bulb in the 6P or G2 lights. I did a lot of comparison with the other Surefires. This seemed to be the best balance of cost, light output, and features. I plan on using it as an EDC light, supplement to the tiny micro Mag Lite (1 AAA) on my keychain. My girlfriend uses hers as a hand carried light going to and from her car from school and clinicals late at night. (night nursing classes) Easy to find her keys, plus as a first line of defense.

Pros: Gives you the choice of "find your keys in the dark" or full power at a touch. No wasting battery life for routine stuff. It also has a strike face kind of front if you need hand-to-hand capability. Small enough for every day carry. I carry a pistol, spare magazine, BUG, knife, wallet and keys all the time, occasionally a cell phone. Easy to make room for this light. The LED has longer battery life than the regular incandescent bulb, and longer service life overall. Surefire brand batteries are much cheaper than the two packs at the photo center or Wal Mart.

Cons: It is a little short for hand-to-hand use, but a little long for a single battery light. Cost was $110, a little expensive for a flashlight, but not the most expensive in the line. I had a bit of sticker shock at first, but it is good value. Buyer beware, there was an earlier version that had a much lower output, 22 lumens max IIRC. Surefire says they are not upgradable to the new 10-65 lumen output. I saw some being sold for cheap on the internet, but also some at full price, some with vague descriptions. Sometimes its hard to hit the switch just right for low output. Not really a con, I'd rather it was easy to get full power, such as in an emergency. No rush to find the low output setting I think. I'm sure practice will help.

I was going to post a pic, but no way to show the light output well. one is perfect for utility, the other perfect for tactical use. Two lights, a dozen Surefire batteries, a spare carrier, and a P60 bulb for my old G2 was much less than $300. The Surefire site has better pics than I can do:

I also got some small battery carriers for my JIC bag here:
Heard about them here on DC, great company. Got my JIC bag from them.

Checking to see if Ford's will color hers in "splash anodizing" after they move to their new shop.