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Choosing Night Sights

This is a discussion on Choosing Night Sights within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My advice is get the Trijicons or the Meprolights that look them (vertical pegs). The problem with the slanted-front night sights is that you become ...

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Thread: Choosing Night Sights

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    My advice is get the Trijicons or the Meprolights that look them (vertical pegs).

    The problem with the slanted-front night sights is that you become almost unable to rack the slide one handed if you need to. The straight-up pegged look of the Trijicons makes it much easier to catch the rear sight on something if you have to rack without your support hand.

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    I would go with the novaks as they are probably the stock sights on it. I also would recommend going with a two color sight. I had a g27 with red rear two dots and a green front dot. The green front was just a little bit brighter to make it POP out at you in the sight picture. I sold that gun and still miss it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skygod View Post
    I'm recently a convert to XS 24/7 Big Dots. If I'm not mistaken, they will have a set for the M&P shortly. (I was sent a set to test run by the company) There is no bias in my opinion of them since they were free of charge to me.

    I like the Heinie Straight Eights and I Like Novaks (tritium) but the XS Big Dots are hands down a much easier target acquisition system, during the day or low light. At night, total darkness, you'll only see the tritium so there's not much difference, in my opinion, than any other sight system. However, your deadly threat encounter will most likely involve some ambient light, whether a hand held light or weapon mounted light, or other artificial light sources, including the moon and road side lights, or house lights. This allows the Big dot to be seen without the need for total darkness engagement with the weapon.

    Just remember, tritium night sights are not going to illuminate your target only your sight plane when the muzzle is presented to the target, assuming you can visually see the target. In most cases, you'll have some artificial or natural light source to determine your deadly threat. I use a weapon mounted light, although sparingly, if I'm searching the premisis for an intruder. Once the light is illuminated to your target your sights are clearly visible without the need for tritium. Some have written that night sights are a must and some have some have seen them as just a marketing gimmick. Personally I've grown fond of them and I do see the slight advantage to establishing a proper sight plane during low light or dark conditions.

    Just my .02
    I got a chance to try the heinies and really like them but haven't had a chance to try the big dots. 3 dots confuse my eyes for some reason, at least the ones that have the dots near the notch. How do the XS sites affect accuracy with the V-notch rear?

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    I have always put Trijicons on my handguns and they have never failed me. I have a Glock 27 with Novak sights, (Trijicon lamps), and they are very nice low profile sights!

    Not that there aren't other good night sights but Trijicon has a stellar reputation!
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    I have the Warren Tacticle rear sight and the S&W front night sight on my M&P .40c. I like this setup very much!
    Here are some pictures for you.


    Original sights:
    Shine on...
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    I too am leaning toward the XS 24/7 'BigDot' for my carry gun.

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