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The Liberator

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    We bought several for testing... they are a little to cumbersome for practical use IMO.
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    The Liberator

    Anybody seen this yet? Love the idea. Esp. for me being a strictly on handed shooter.
    I carry to protect myself and my loved ones from the BG's. Not to solve societies problems. That said: if more carried the deterrent would only have a positive overall effect on those problems.

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    Just more stuff to carry. I think the weapon mounted light is alot more practical...easier to carry too...
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    I'll stick with my Surefire, which is easier to carry AND a lot less expensive, than $219 !!

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    Looks like something someone would use to rob a photographer...
    Don't let the BG's see this...

    Too much 'stuff'...
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    I won a few months ago from Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show and website. I would never have bought one due to the expense. But I must say using one is pretty cool. It allows you to take normal 2 hand grip on the gun and hold a flashlight at the same time. I done some training with it and it works very well. It definitely has its place for people who do room clearing in dark places. It resides on my night stand with my Kahr K40. I don't carry it as I prefer my Surefire G2Z for its slimness. PM me if you have any questions.

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    I don't see it as being practical. Rail mounted light seems much easier to use and to make sure the light is pointed in the right direction, if that is what your looking for.

    The web site shows it being used on either a pistol, rifle, whatever. The angle surely has to be adjusted between the two. I wouldn't want to have to fiddle with trying to make sure the light was pointing were it needed to be if I was in a situation of actually having to use it.

    I don't, or wouldn't use either. Give me a flashlight.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    So far I have limited use of the flashlight and think it’s a good tool. First you can keep your normal grip on the gun, secondly reloads if needed do not change from normal reloading. Choice of momentary or constant on. I will admit to being blucky to carry versus a normal flashlight such as the 6P and similar flashlights but as stated above it has merits over conventional tactical flashlights. I don’t see it replacing your current flashlight but another tool in one’s toolbox. No different then sometimes carrying a Glock vs. a 1911 or Spyderco Endura vs. a Emerson Commander.
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