We are now stocking this product line and wanted to show a couple pics of some items that we like a lot.

The first item is their new barn coat. This is plain, but casual jacket that you could wear most anywhere. It does NOT scream gun/cop/ccw, but gives you a lot of capability for hiding the essential things. There are TONS of inside pockets for securing weapons, lights, mags, etc. The colors are also very simply and non-flashy.

The second item is their long sleve tactical polo. Loose fitting, but dressy enough to wear out for dinner. This is a good choice for people wanting to conceal a HG as it is cut wide at the bottom. There is also a nice pocket on the side of the arm that you can keep an ID/CC inside (fast and easy access) along with a pen. The great thing about this shirt is that you just take it out of the dryer and hang it up. No ironing required!


Barn Coat

For more info on it: http://www.backyardoutfitter.com/Pro.../Coat44432.htm

Long Sleve Tactical Polo

For more info on it: http://www.backyardoutfitter.com/Pro...Shirt44419.htm