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This is a discussion on Ear Protection within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I wear electronic muffs all the time when I'm at the range. I turn off the electronics (for even more protection) when I'm actually shooting. ...

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Thread: Ear Protection

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    I wear electronic muffs all the time when I'm at the range. I turn off the electronics (for even more protection) when I'm actually shooting. If I'm shooting by myself, I also add the foam plugs.

    BTW, I'm saving for my hearing aids.... ~ $5000. Health insurance won't pay for them. Be warned, take care of your hearing !!

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    Buy a good set of electronic muffs and your set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GBS View Post
    The cure is probably to use the small in-the-ear foam plugs along with the larger over the ear protection.

    My question is, does anyone else use two sets of ear protection?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOGOFWAR01 View Post
    Plugs plug the ear channel. Plugs do not protect the bone behind the ear. Only Muffs protect the bone behind the ear.
    What he said !

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    A few more words on ear plugs.

    The "standard" foam plugs will provide a certain degree of protection. To a higher degree of protection "custom" made ear plugs. See your "Ear Doc", their can do or refer you to someone who can - a mold is made of your ear channel then the mold is sent off to make your "custom ear plugs". It's a "painless" process.

    You still need to wear your Ear Muffs with the Ear Plugs, to protect the bone behind your ear and provide more protection for your inner ear. Yes, "double" protection.

    Protect your ears all you can otherwise you have continued and increasing hearing loss then onto hearing aids !

    I have done and been around a lot of shooting and explosions. I do not wear hearing aids (yet) but I always (in years gone by I did not "wear both" which is part of the reason I have hearing loss) wear "custom ear plugs" and "ear muffs" (electronic or non-electronic) during training.

    What is your hearing worth ?

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    Some of you have mentioned this all ready but I am going to harp on it a bit more. I work in surgery with a very prominent ENT (ears, nose, and throat) surgeon. He trains residents from all over the country. One thing he always stresses is that when shooting to keep the mastoid bone covered. Which is what a good set of muffs do. The sound from the gun is picked up as vibration by the mastoid and is transmitted to your ear canal. You can see the same thing happen with a good ear exam when the doctor strikes a tunning fork and places it on the mastoid bone. The sound is transfered to the inner ear.
    So please when indoors shooting use the foam plugs and a good set of muffs. When outdoors good muffs will do. As long as they cover the mastoid bone.
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    I read an article some years ago that advised wearing muffs and plugs, jfor the reason cited by mike 1's doctor. Seems like it said that some high percentage of vibration (60% maybe?) is still transmitted through the bones if you just use plugs. I always wear both inside and both when I can outside. I have been using the disposables, but recently found some Radian brand "gel plugs" that I like. I think they have a higher NRR than than the disposables, have a string on them, and come in a little plastic box. They were at Academy for 3 bucks or so, I have sets of them in every bag and vest I own. This thread makes me want to buy some of the custom fitted ones, though. There is also another set I'm looking at, I'll start a thread on that because I wonder if they are really worth the money over my Radians.
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    Because I already have non-hearing loss tinnitus, I always wear both plugs and muffs, both rated for the highest NRR I can find.

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    What are some good reasonably priced ear muffs?

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    Well if the report is still loud and your ears are ringing, then you need something better. Indoors I use a set of ear plugs,covered by the muffs. The indoor noise levels are usually VERY LOUD. My electronic muffs work well, as I still can hold a conversation, but they block out the loud reports. Outdoors I'm usually fine with a set of molded plugs. My wife likes the disposable silicone plugs from the drug store.

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    Since I have already damaged my hearing way more than I'd like to admit *but my g/f reminds me daily* I always wear at least plugs, but just picked up some decent electronic muffs from midway for $20 so now i'm all set, I now have normal hearing and protection.

    By the way, when working with jet engines, Alway Always Always wear great hearing protection!!! I'm 28 and could hardly hear what some of you guys were saying on here.

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    Wasabi, for non-electronics, Howard Leight makes some very comfortable ones. I have found muffs at Home Depot that were the exact same thing as some of the much more expensive Peltor (I think that was the brand) except they were red...so you can only wear them when using a chainsaw, not shooting, I guess. Funny, color 'em gray and add a picture of a pistol on the side and they go up about $10.00. They were NRR 31 or so, I think. My son loves his red muffs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhangel View Post
    Indoors I wear both plugs and muffs, outdoors just the electronic muffs.
    Ditto that.

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    Wasabi, +1 on the Howard Leight muffs, prob the most comfortable set of muffs that I have tried to date and I have a few.


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    I use 2 when shooting, always. Trying to preserve what little hearing I have left.

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