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Thread: ADT?

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    We have a wireless ADT system. We still have the system, but stopped paying ADT the monthly charge because, as Sixto wrote, by the time ADT gets the alarm, checks to be sure it is real, calls the police, and the police arrive, the BG's will in most cases be long gone.

    Since we still have the system, we can set it and if a break in happens, the alarm will still go off. The only thing that won't happen is that the police won't be called.

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    I've never believed much in home alarms for summoning help...unless of course, someone is needed for drawing the chalklines...

    We have the signs, but not an alarm...does as much good to discourage attempts...

    My Rhodesian Ridgeback and two safes serve the most useful functions for home protection...OMO

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    My alarm system consists of a Yorkie Terrier and a Americn Pitbull Terrier. Princess (Yorkie) is the eyes and ears of the house, and Bubba (Pitbull) brings the muscle. Princess is very alert, even when I try to sneak in the house in the early AM after getting off early she is up before I make it to the stairs. Bubba soon follows after her bark wakes him. Its sort of funny you hear a yapping followed by a very nasty bark from Bubba. One morning I spooked them and the Bubba started growling and posting up before he realized it was me I was kind of scared.

    Not to mention the 220 Loaded to the brim with 200GR. +P Goldensabers. I keep close by at all times.

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    I've had ADT for 14 years. There response time here has been good. The only trouble I've had is with their customer service in scheduling a service call or to add a sensor unit. One part of their operation doesn't seem to know what the other part is doing. Also, years ago you could get into contact with the local office. Now, everything is an 800 call, and it's very difficult to get in touch with anyone local.

    For marketing purposes, you would think ADT would occasionally contact their current customers about new products. I've had the same system (a mixed wired and wireless system) for 14 years. In that time, their sales folks have never contacted me about new products and upgrades. Nor have they every ask me to opt-in or opt-out of sales calls. I don't like to get sales calls, but with something like a burglar alarm system, seems like they would view informing their current customer database of new products as a part of customer service.

    Last, if you happen to be a USAA member, you can get ADT service through them at a discount.

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    if its gets the police to your house when your not there its better than them not coming at all.
    If you set at night for bedtime just know it overrides you phone to report the alarm so have a cellphone handy for the 911 call.

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    I have an Ademco system that I hard wired myself. One siren in house and an all weather siren outside. It's a eight zone I think. You can add whatever you want. Motion detectors, smoke alarm (hard wired) glass breakage detection, Even a phine dialer to make up to six calls to whoever you want. Has a back up battery. If I'm there they get to meet Gypsy the German Shepard and my freinds. Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

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    Anytime an alarm thread pops out you inevitably see something about how dogs are just as good if not better. That's crazy. It's a different type of security all together; I prefer both.

    I agree with a previous poster b/c I have dogs and where I live if no one's home it doesn't matter how much they bark, I don't have close neighboors to hear them. Basically thieves could come with a box truck and load up my whole house at their leisure. My alarm system knocks that time down to them having at most 15 minutes from the time they breech my system till a LEO is at my door (not to mention 3 minutes of that is down my one-way gravel drive). As far as the limbs falling and breaking glass w/o setting off the alarm that was mentioned earlier, it sounds like that system needs to be re-evaluated. I don't think an alarm is limited to just when I'm away though; I also like the alarm for when I'm at home too. I know if a door or window is opened by a simple status screen; matter of fact it even tells me which one. It can be a huge advantage to know an intruder's point-of-entry IMO. With my dogs I'll just hear them barking at one end of the house (which they do frequently with deer, racoons, possums and flying squirrels). Another thing is that God-awful siren, it disorients and it's my turf so it's going to mess with the other guy more than me, not to mention I can turn it off. The old excuse about just cutting the phone line to disable an alarm doesn't hold water either. Most serious alarms will have cellular connections as well so go ahead and cut the phoneline, powerline and cable line. If the intruder has a cell phone jammer then odds are they are serious enough to not be stopped by an alarm or dogs or anything other than me and my guns.

    Another HUGE plus is smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection too like Argus said. (Another trick my dogs haven't learned is calling the FD) I love my dogs and don't deny their abilities but a GOOD alarm system can simply do things dogs can't (just like they can bite and it can't ) That's why I like both.

    As far as ADT goes I've used them for years, never had a problem with service or product but recently switched to a local friend who has a Vector Security franchise. Quicker response time from the switchboard and from switchboard to Sherrif's Dept. Also with a new office I purchased I was able to get a better system installed from Vector than ADT given the same amount of money. (More motion sensors and even a panic button for my secretary who at times is there alone)
    Tad A.

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    Have had ADT and I switched to Brinks. I have had my alarm go off because of an intruder and it took ADT nearly 10 minutes to call and verify the alarm. Brinks is on top of it, when the alarm goes off, they come over a speaker on the panel and are able to asses the situation that way. I agree however, that an alarm does not replace a good dog or firearm.

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