I was in the process of writing this thread when I noticed the recent poll on the same subject.
I just wanted to mention about the 5.11 Tactical Operators Belt that I got. I know many have this belt and it was on their comments that led me to get one.
I was VERY surprised at the quality of this belt. It is thick and heavily stitched with a good metal buckle.
For those considering this belt, THE PICTURES DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE.
What I like the best is that with a Galco belt (which I have a few), when you wear it with your holster, the hole you use maybe either tight or loose. With the 5.11 you can pull it to the perfect tightness.
It also gives great support if you have lower back issues (like me).
If you were considering this belt, get it, you will love it.
Don't get me wrong, the Galco belt is great also, it's just that the 5.11 gives me the perfect fit because of the adjustable buckle.
THey also have it with a plastic buckle for $10.