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Carrying a flashlight during daylight

This is a discussion on Carrying a flashlight during daylight within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do and my wife gives me crap about it! But in my mind, you never know when and where you might need it. What ...

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Thread: Carrying a flashlight during daylight

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    I do and my wife gives me crap about it! But in my mind, you never know when and where you might need it. What if your at wal-mart or the mall or in a parking garage and the power goes out? Not to mention even if you don't need it for light you can use your flashlight as a striking tool if need be.
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    At night I carry something suitable for where I am going. During the day, the light from my cell phone is enough to get me out of anywhere I might be.
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    yes, surefire G2 in front small pocket of my cargo pants, everyday

    at my last job, we had 5 warehouse buildings and I had to go into some tight/dark places to look at network closets/equipment, etc, look in computer cases/cabinets, work after hours when warehouse lights were out, etc

    I wear one now for when I need to look in computer cases or if I go on-site to a client and have dark places to look at, behind desks, ceilings, etc

    ....and if its dark when I'm done for the day I always have it ready to blind somebody that I don't like being close to me
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    Yes, 3 to 4 Fenix lights.
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    I carry a "Palm Blaze" 128 lumen LED light both on duty and off. It comes in handy frequently even in daylight hours and also doubles as a Kuboton impact weapon.

    I also have a Surefire 6P I carry some of the time, but after getting the little Palm Blaze off of ebay, I've been really happy with it. I got it on a whim, basically just to check out the quality of an off brand item and have been totally happy with it since. Plus the price was right too!
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    I carry my SureFire G2 LED (80 lumens, 12hr runtime) with me all the time. The very first day I carried it to work I wound up needing it. I've used it almost every day since.

    It lives in my front right pocket, all by it's lonesome.
    Worth every penny so far. Turns night into day.

    G2 Small LED Flashlight for Camping Gear, Self-Defense or Everday from SureFire

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    Right now I've got a Fenix P3D-CE, Inova X1, and two cheap DealExtreme fauxton keychain squeeze lights on me.

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    With the small size of today's LED lights I can't see not all the time carrying - micro on neck chain - AAA LED walmart special in pocket - Surefire in pack

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    I try to be prepared, in the worst case, to spend 24 hours with whatever i have on my person. Since i don't live in the arctic circle, my 24 hours includes night so a flashlight is appropriate.

    I also spend a lot of time going in and out of subway and train tunnels in NYC and when the power goes out it sucks. I have never been seriously stuck, but it is a real possibility here. Some of the tunnels go 300 feet down and into the bedrock below the river. It is cave dark.
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    I like lights. Always carry a Surfire 6P LED. I use it a lot during daytime as well as night. It's great looking for a house number afterdark.

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    I always carry a mini mag, with an LED replacement set for them. I have 3 of them, one for my truck, one for my room, and one for work.

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    I've got an E2e in my back pocket alongside my wallet in my normal jeans. When I've got carpenter style pants on, it gets clipped along my leg.

    I also have a D-Cell Mag light in the truck, with my first aid bag, and a Surefire 6P in my jacket pocket that will be moved to the truck after the jacket is stored there for the summer.

    When I used to ride the ambulance, I'd carry the 6P and a Mini-mag on my belt, and an E2e in my thigh pockets. If I know I'm going to be somewhere dark, I tend to have more then that (like backup bulbs and batteries and stuff.) I also carried a Streamlight Stinger and Strion in my duffel bag on the ambulance.

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    I carry a 3W (or sometimes 1W) Luxeon LED light made by Nuwai with me. These lights are rebranded for Cabela's, Rayovac, e-Gear, etc...

    I have 4 of them and always have one on me or close at hand. Besides the obvious use as a flashlight they make a great Yawara or Kubotan.

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    Blackhawk Gladius... and a surefire 6P in the truck.
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