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This is a discussion on Cell Phones within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I hate mine. The last one I had, I was about 17, I got mad at it, and it found itself at the bottom of ...

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Thread: Cell Phones

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    I hate mine. The last one I had, I was about 17, I got mad at it, and it found itself at the bottom of Cane River...

    Didnt have another one until earlier this month. If I got my messages or didnt have to fight a 12 year old girl, 15 year old guy, or a 17 year old guy to use the phone at home, I probably wouldn't have.

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    I've carried a cell phone for quite a few years. I HATE them, but I carry them.

    I do love being able to get help for someone who really needs it and I've done so many times. I also confess to have enjoyed being able to alert the FHP about a drunk driver swerving from lane-to-lane in front of me. I stayed behind him and in contact with the dispatcher until the trooper showed up to make the stop.

    My CC app was mailed off just a few days ago. While I'm waiting, I've started getting used to carrying the cell phone @ 11 o'clock, instead of @ 3:30 where the G23 will be riding.

    I don't want to accidently "flash" when I pull the phone. Nor do I wish to inadvertantly try to "stop the GB" with my phone, instead of my GLOCK.

    One thing I'd forgotten to do (and will correct after posting this,) is to program the Voice Dial feature to automatically dial 911 when I tell it to.

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    I wish I could aford to "loose" mine . I see it as an invisable leash that my bosses can bother me when Im buisy.
    I do like the fact that I can get ahold of someone when I need to, pluse the G.P.S. locator in modern digital cells are a great if trouble does happen.
    I was given a new one with a raidio attached, I do like that.

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    Cell phones. AAArgh!

    Had a nice one. Say "Send Help" and a 911 call goes out. If I say my local department, a call goes there (the 911 calls are taken at a center two towns away, so I call the locals direct)

    At the end of our 2 year agreement (a warm and fuzzy word for contract) we could get new phones. So my wife opted for a pair of the ones that Verizon is advertising heavily these days. Well, I found that some fool "improved" things by setting the whole menu up for voice dialing. So, to make a call, the first thing you must do is wait for the phone to ask, "what would you like to do?". Then you must say, "Call someone". Then you must wait for the phone to say "Name please". Then you can say, "Send help"


    Ah, but it does have a built in camera. We must prioritize.
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    Bought my first cell 8 years back, for my wife. A young woman with a POS minivan full of kids, seemed like a good idea.

    I now have 4, mine, wife's, and oldest two daughters. If they're going to leave home without me, I want them to have a cell phone.

    As Euc said, it's not my only defensive tool, and if I were limited to only one defensive tool, the phone wouldn't be it. Glad I don't have to make that choice.
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    I hate mine.

    I almost never use it, but I don't walk out the door without it if I am carrying. If, God forbid, I do ever have to shoot someone, I want to be able to communicate with someone (a) immediatly, and (b) without moving.

    Without a phone, you open yourself up to all kinds of problems. Everything from witnesses calling first and giving bad information like "A guy just got murdered in the parking lot at Walmart", "There is a guy at the mall walking around shooting people", or "He just killed that guy for no reason". All could create a potentially dangerous situation for me by causing the police to respond thinking that I am the aggressor.

    Nevermind what it looks like to witnesses if you draw a gun, shoot someone, and then sprint off to find a phone and dial 911.

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    Yes, cellphones are convenient/necessary tool these days. I don't know about your cellphone, but when I receive a call, one of the buttons is designated "ignore"...I seem to be in an area of poor service on some occasions.

    One of the previous posters said something about "ICE"ing your cell phone. My wife, an RN, completed an advanced cardiac course recently where this was taught. I checked with a couple of EMT/paramedics and they all were on board with this also. In Case of Emergency (ICE) is being taught on a regular basis now to first responders and medical professionals.

    Simply input ICE as the "name" and whoever's phone number you want contacted first if you're injured. If we're on the wrong end of an attack...
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    I like having my cell phone - you never know when you'll need it. A co-worker called the highway patrol with his when a road rage driver started flashing a gun at him. (A nice truck driver saw the incident and used his semi to block the road rage guy and muscle him off an off-ramp. The guy landed in a ditch.)

    I keep mine on vibrate so it's not disturbing anybody else.

    The ICE idea sounds good.
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    I carry a " Dial a Prayer" device myself as i think all ccw should , its not a means of defense but is necessairy imho because if you eaver have to pull your weapon YOU dammed well better call the cops RIGHT NOW and file a report/complaint , i do know of folks not calling when they ( justifiably imho ) had to pull and later being charged with Felony Menacing , better to call it in and not take a chance of the BG or ( god save us from em ) some helpfull citizen calling inn the " man with a gun " on you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    As a way to deal with emergencies, sure it's a godsend. It really is a self defense tool.

    However I would certainly not want it to be my only self defense tool, and I personally have lived for over 20 years without one. I'd rather have my knife, flashlight, money, pistol and multitool, etc. and no cell phone than have my cell phone.

    The cell phone is wonderful and people should view it as another tool, but the problem is the sheeple get the idea that the phone is all that is necessary and the Brady Bunch spreads this lie in turn.

    "You don't need a gun/light/first aid kit, just call 9-1-1, they'll get to you in about an hour assuming you have the signal strength to get through and the time to dial..."

    A cell phone is another tool for the tool box, but not a replacement for any of the other tools you carry. Especially if you live in a rural place like I do it could take the sheriff a good long while to get to you.
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