Easy: Cleaning Kit Suggestions

Easy: Cleaning Kit Suggestions

This is a discussion on Easy: Cleaning Kit Suggestions within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, should be an easy one to throw out there... I've always been the type to just use the issued junk the military throws at ...

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Thread: Easy: Cleaning Kit Suggestions

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    Easy: Cleaning Kit Suggestions

    Ok, should be an easy one to throw out there... I've always been the type to just use the issued junk the military throws at us to clean my M4/M9, which amounts to any rags you can scrounge and the really bad old school cleaning kits as well as the newer only semi-horrible Otis cleaning kits. Throw in some Q-Tips from home and a couple of hand me down dental picks and you pretty much have my at work cleaning supplies. Ok, go ahead and throw in that 5 gallon jug of CLP that gets passed around so you can get your little bottle full.

    Anyone have any decent suggestion on decent kit that will hold up for awhile hardware-wise as well as what you use for solvents and CLP to keep your handguns in pristine condition? Hoppe's sells what appears to be a pretty good bang for the buck with a bore snake, small bottle of solvent as well as a bottle of protectant with some soft cloths for about 20 bucks. Anything else out there highly recommended? All info is appreciated.

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    Bore Snake

    I got a BoreSnake last christmas - very handy, quick little tool. I would definitely include these in a kit.

    A good description is available at:
    Review of BoreSnake Gun Bore Cleaner
    Manufacturers site:
    Hoppe's 9 - BoreSnakes
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    Bore sbakes are good. Brigade Quartermasters has a decent kit I use in the field. Otis kicks butt too, but is expensive.
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    Here is what I do, I've got one for pistols one for rifles and one shotguns.

    I go to the hardware store and buy a cheap small tool box, then off to the gun
    store to fill it. I buy the break down type rods for the pistols and shotgun, I'll only use a one peice for the rifles. I do keep a boresnake in the AR soft case, as well as a military issue kit- It has everything I would need in a pinch and it will get me through until I get home.
    Brass bore brushes and swabs are a must, as is one of those nylon tooth brush deals they sell at the shops. Cotton patches are also a must.
    I use the old stand bys, Hoppes and Gunscrubber for the really nasty jobs. For oil, I just use the regular old hoppes, but for the guns that get a little hotter and see heavier use I use some other stuff, the name escapes me right now, but its made for machine guns.
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    I use the BoreSnakes at the range with a bit of CLP. IMO, running this through the warm (not hot) bore of any firearm will take away 75% of the bore cleaning effort later on when it's cold. The Otis kits are very nice and semi-quick/easy to use and very compact.

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    Like Sixto , I filled a fishing tackle box with patches, oil , foaming bore cleaner, bore snakes, rods, brushes, old tooth brushes, picks ect. I also store small screws, scope rings, ect in the box too.
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    Same as above. I used to use good 'ole Hoppee's #9 and then lubed with any type of oil that was on hand. I have since switched to Miltec for just about everything. It is a great lube, is all synthetic and once used regularly, makes for a much easier clean up. I use their grease on the M4's locking lugs, cam pin and the pistols rails and barrel/slide lock up points. I do use Eezox to protect my armpit gun but stick with Miltec for cleaning and lubrication.
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    I've been getting great results using Weapon Shield.

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    Oh, little trick for your long guns... Dry Lubricant with Teflon. I know Finish Line, and maybe a few other brands make it. Originally for bike chains and the like, ran into a guy who used it on the internals of his long guns with a real light coat. Been using it since and really helps with that nasty coat of carbon that can build up. Can go through 600-800 rounds in a day just throwing on some CLP and pretty much just wipe the bolt down without problems. Also works well at being anti-dust, but not great to use on pistols because it will grab at the lint fron your shirt/pants. Especially concealed... you'll end up with a nice white lint layer from your t-shirt. Give it a try. No complaints so far, even after stepping up the round count after leaving the conventional army side of the house.

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