Well, I got a Bass Pro gift card for Christmas, and since I like flashlights so much, I decided to get a Surefire 6P. They didn't have the LED version, so I had to get the "regular" incandescent version. I can honestly say that it is the only incandescent flashlight I've bought in about 3-4 years. All of my flashlights are LED (what can I say?). So of course, I wanted to upgrade to an LED and use it as a carry and weapon light for my M&P15A. After some research, I decided to get the much sought after and in low supply Malkoff drop in. This drop in gives you about 235 lumens for 1 1/2 hours compared to the 65 lumens for 1 hour incandescent bulb. The Bug Out Gear (BOG) LED drop in was more readily available, but the praise of Gene Malkoff's work was to much for me to disregard. After waiting a couple weeks, I was lucky enough to snag one. After putting it in, all I can say is "WOW!". What a difference.

It is brighter than my Fenix T1, I've heard that the T1 has a little more throw but I can't tell the difference. The beam is more of a flood and a little warmer than the T1 as well. Now neither one throws a hotspot as far as or like my friend's Pelican LAPD 7060, but it doesn't have the flood of the others and they can still light objects pretty far away. Now, I really like my T1 (especially with the 60 lumen/10hr mode), but the 6P would be the better light to be mounted on a gun. I also got the 6P/9P battery extender for extra runtime and a crenellated strike bezel is on its way. It will make a nice *ehem* "FLASHLIGHT" for when I can't carry weapons.

I HIGHLY recommend this setup for anyone serious about flashlights. I'll provide links for some of the items I mentioned. If you have any questions, let me know. I don't have a digital camera and I don't know how to put pictures from my phone (crappy anyway) on the computer, so I'm afraid no pics.

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