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Thread: Let's Talk About Magazine Springs

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    magazine spring problem or friction from loaded rounds

    I have done some experimenting with high capacity magazines, because i own a P14.45
    When you load the P14 to 14 rounds of ammo this creates a condition of the magazine spring that is is basically totaly collapsed.
    A spring generates more energy when it is in it's average length, not at the beginning or at it's full extension.
    I have over time visited web sights that batter high capacity magazines and their failures to feed in certain pistols, like the P14.
    I even went to the beefed up Wolff springs and still had some failures to feed, only due to I believe was friction of the stack of brass within the magazine.
    If I would use steel case ammo, the odds of a FTF would occur more than if I used brass ammo. If I used chrome plated ammo it would almost always feed.
    Then the experiment came...
    I would use a very and I mean very lightly oiled cloth and massage all the rounds before loading them into the magazine, the reduced friction from the light oil and also a lightly oiled magazine and spring made all steel, brass and chromed brass rounds feed with no hitches.
    I believe it is more to do with the friction within the magazine than magazine spring strength.
    Would like to hear comments on my theory...
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    Neat Question.

    It's an interesting idea. A non penetrating paraffin type oil might be OK.
    Wondering if even the slightest trace of oil would gather dust/grit/lint though.
    Also...I remember that with the .45 at the moment of firing the cartridge case needs to expand & hold or put friction pressure against the interior barrel chamber walls.
    I'm wondering if the slippery oil would mess up that necessary part of the firing sequence? Interesting question. I don't know the answer to it.
    I DO remember in one issue of GUN testS magazine they needed to (somehow??) lube the exterior of the cartridge cases to get them to either "Feed or extract" I don't remember which.
    I think they had extraction problems with these HOT Steel Case .45acp loads unless they lightly spray Teflon coated the cartridge cases. Anybody remember that particular article?

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