What safe do you recommend?

What safe do you recommend?

This is a discussion on What safe do you recommend? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What safe brand do you recommend? What brand do YOU consider to be the best out there and why? Just asking since there is many,many ...

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Thread: What safe do you recommend?

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    What safe do you recommend?

    What safe brand do you recommend? What brand do YOU consider to be the best out there and why?

    Just asking since there is many,many safes brands out there and am just surfing the area..


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    Depends on what you want, and your living conditions.

    Do you move alot?

    Live in an apartment? Rent? Own?

    Where will the safe be kept? Basement? Main floor? 2d story?

    How much are you willing to spend?

    ...just a few questions to consider
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    I was shopping for safes a couple of years ago. The owner of a local shop was telling me about some of the big name brand safes and said that if for some reason the lock failed to work that you had to ship the entire safe back to the manufacturer to have it opened and repaired. I am not to comfortable shipping all my guns to China where most of these safes are made. The safe I settled on was a Liberty. They have people here locally that will come to your house to open and repair it. The prices are good and the quality is great. It is also made in the U.S.A. here is a link to there website.

    Liberty Safe for Gun Safes and Home Safes.
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    I have several guadall safes and would use nothing else. Anything bought at lowes and home depot is not worth the money, except if you have small children at home. Gardall Premium Quality Safes If anybody is in the NYC area and wishes a standard safe. I have access to they at wholesale prices but must be picked up Brooklyn NY send me a PM

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    Company website:
    Cannon Safe - Quality Home and Gun Safes - Safes: Traditional Series

    Safe you need:

    If you don't get this one then don't bother. It does anything you need for storage. It looks good (get green). The warranty is top notch. One of the mods here had hers attacked and the BGs didn't get into it, plus Cannon fixed it for her under warranty.

    Cannon Safe - Quality Home and Gun Safes - About Us

    Moving them is a snap. I use one finger and it's done. They go exactly where I want them as well. All it takes is the proper phone number and application of money.

    Keep in mind if you can call up a couple guys and have them help you move your safe for pizza and beer, than a criminal can do the same. Get a big heavy safe and bolt that sucker down.

    Just remember money should be no object when it comes to your guns and also securing your guns. If you got at it with that attitude, then it is all good. Look around the Cannon website and you'll see why it is the only safe to consider. BTW I have owned Liberty and Champion safes. Cannon safes are the only ones I'll buy now. No I don't work for them or get any kick backs, just a satisfied customer.
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    Are you going to expect it to withstand any and all burglary attempts? I consider a safe purchase as buying time only. Any safe can be broken into, in time, though at a certain level you can pretty much write off the amateur burglar as not being able to open it or steal it for later opening. Not all steel is created the same. Some models by some manufacturers have special "tool" steels, ball bearings, tool-resistant plats or other layering done that makes it far tougher to break into. I consider anything less than ~1500 lbs (at 60x30x30" size) as being the low end of what's necessary to withstand a concerted attack, but that's just me.

    Does it need to survive a fire? Consider the range of temperatures often suggested as the "average" heat of a house fire. Do you want just the average handled, or more than that? If important, I'd consider a unit that the manufacturer backs as handling ~1800*F for at least 1-2hrs.

    What will be stored in there? Plastics, wood, metal, paper, true valuables [ie, expensive artifacts, jewelry]? Consider that paper begins to fry at just over 300*F, that anything above 1000*F will damage some woods, most plastics, and that most "safe" manufacturers produce units supposedly designed to cover X number of minutes @ 1200*F. You'll need to decide what is sufficient, based on what you're going to put in there, where it will be sitting, what additional protection/monitoring you'll have, what your fire dept's response time is likely to be.

    Are you prepared to build a house around it, or will it need to be portable (via lift, hand truck)? Do you intend to ever move it, or will you be frequently moving? Or, are you willing to build one up, creating a sort of "bunker" of steel beams and panels, encased in reinforced structural concrete, with a suitable vault door?

    Will you be surrounding the safe with other layers of your defense? For example, will the house have a monitored burglar/fire alarm, special zones of the alarmed areas that are only open to certain alarm codes, dogs, etc?

    Any problem bolting it to the foundation of your home?

    What size? Is this a one-time purchase that must be large enough to grow into, or would you purchase another, more-suitable unit in the future?

    Can you get it into your home unbeknownst to anyone outside your home? A marked security truck/van divulges your secret, as does a small team of folks hefting a safe into doorways or down stairs.

    Is there a limit to the cost? New, I don't consider many boxes under $2000 USD as being safe, given the build quality and materials used. Which is why I'm a fan of tracking down a pre-owned unit.

    On occasion, you can find used units available, particularly if a long-standing business goes out of business, when you can find excellent units for a song. For example, I found my unit used for one-third of the new price. Replaced the lock, serviced the hinges/bolts, and voila.

    For a typical home system, I'm partial to Graffunder, American Security. There are plenty of other brands that folks seem more aware of (ie, Fort Knox, Liberty, Cannon, Sturdy Safe), and each of those makers builds tough units on the higher end of the lines, and often builds lesser units on the lower ends of the lines. If going the built-in route, consider Diebold and similar.
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    I currently have a Browning Medallion safe in the 60X40X28 size. My next safe will be one of these.

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    I have two Browning safes...and I just consider them a way to slow down the criminal. I don't think someone is going to carry them away...and it would require preplanning (proper tools) to get into them.

    It does provide a peace of mind when I'm away...

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    I did research into this and just bought a safe. Basically, all the low end safes from any of the big name manufacturers are going to be about the same. They generally have 12 gauge steel bodies and anywhere from 12 ga-1/4" doors. Fire protection consists of several layers of drywall and a single Palusol door seal.

    During my research I came across a photo of a liberty safe that had a big hole in the side which supposedly was done in a few minutes with an ax and/or sledgehammer. That made me want a safe with 1/4" plate. I looked into sportsman steel safes and took a tour of where they build them. I was impressed with how they put them together and their attention to detail. Everything is made by people, no robots like other safe companies. All seams are triple welded from the inside and ground smooth and bondo'd on the outside so that thieves can't find the seam easily. The screws that hold up the shelves are welded to the body and not just screwed into the drywall. In addition to the drywall, they can also use a ceramic material for further insulation and also use double Palusol door seals. They will also custom make the safe to your specifications...any size, any shape, any plate thickness.

    Having said all that, Cabelas was having a sale on their liberty safes so I got one of the low end models. Money talks, but if you have money to spend, look into sportsman steel.

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    I'm looking to order one from Sturdy, they use 7 or 8 guage steel, you can add fire-proofing if you want it, and they'll configure the interior in a number of different ways.
    The prices are comparable to Patriot, Liberty and the rest. You can also save a few $$ if you pick it up at a local shipping depot and not have it delivered to your door........Now just need Uncle Sam to send me my refund!
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    Modular Safes

    If you want a modular safe which you can put together & break down if you move you might find these interesting.

    I'm thinking about getting one of the Zanotti Armor safes. I live in an old apartment building in NYC circa 1928 construction. The ZAI safe weighs 350lbs empty. It will fit perfectly in one of my closets but I'm worried about the weight. The building is rated at 40psf. I believe that one of the closet walls is a load bearing wall.

    Zanotti Armor - CitySafe

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    I just finished a long pondering and researching the same issue. This is what I found and is just my opinion-
    I closely checked Cannon, Browning, Liberty, Fort Knox, Sentry, Heritage, and American Security (AmSec). My main concerns were fire protection, security, and price/value. I also wanted to buy the biggest safe I could fit into my home.

    By FAR the best, most impressive safe I came across was the AmSec. Second best was the Heritage. The door on both of these safes are solid steel plates, not layered, thinner gauge steel. Very vault like. Just knocking on the door is a deterrent for the standard thief. No fire axe will get through that. (of course, a torch will slice it like butter, but if that is what your dealing with, I would not classify them as a standard thief anyway) AmSec also has a special concrete fire mix that makes even side attacks difficult. Great interior for what I needed. I would say this is the top of the line IMHO. Both Amsec and Heritage beat safes from Browning, Liberty, Cannon et al hands down. In both material quality and overall price/value. Unfortunately, I had to purchase my second choice- the Heritage Tradition model. But it was also not the size I wanted.

    What stopped me from my first choices? Size and moving dilemma because of the weight and location. Where I purchased the safe, the movers had a 900 lbs. limit for in house delivery and 66 inches in height. For the size I wanted, the AmSec exceeded the movers weight capability and I also had to limit the size of the Heritage for height limit reasons. No way I would attempt to move the safe from my driveway into my house. (That is just me though and I was influenced by my GF. She is usually right about these things.) As for size, the space I had in my office closet was bigger than my hallway or doors would allow. Make sure you take that into consideration and measure well. I was very surprised what a tape measure will tell you that your eyes don't.

    My safe is being built and should be here in about 3-4 weeks. It's 30x66x25. Custom interior and color combo. Just like a custom holster, worth the wait.
    Good luck with whatever you choose. Any safe is better than none.

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    I bought the a cannon C30 , it is not the best safe out there but better than most . That's why I also have a alarm and extra firearms insurance . The reasons I got it were life time warranty , even if damaged by a burglar , price , weight , availability , and it is made in the USA.

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    The biggest, best, most fire proof one you can afford. I've got two now and purchased my first one in 1983 when they had not caught up with building many fire resistant ones. Once I filled it up I went with a Liberty fire resistant safe that is about 800 lbs and is supposed to last 1 hour at about 1500 degrees. I keep my better guns in there now and the lesser guns in my old Browning/Prosteel safe I picked up in 1983. In 1987 our house was broken into and the Browning safe saved my collection. They only got 1 gun, the house gun that was not in the safe.
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    Okay, I just got a new Cannon. The selling factors were the 1 hour fire resistance, the semi-heavy guage steel, and I wanted an electronic lock. It took a suspected burglar/gun thief next door, and the cops hiding out in our garage to convince my wife we needed it.

    That being said, I just got a good safe at around $1000... No safe is break-in proof.

    Before buying, I asked here and at "officer.com" for peoples opinions on Safes. The advice was much the same "get the biggest you can afford" is what I was told over and over. At officer.com, I asked if anyone had seen one broken into. Of all the LEO's there, only one responded in the positive. He saw one "broken" into by someone who had the combo (an inside job).

    Not one LEO reported a successful attempt otherwise. That's good juju, from my perspective.

    Having said that, remember that my wife wasn't too excited about it until recent events made her grudgingly agree to get one. Well, when people say that they fill up fast, they aren't kidding. Mine is 30x24x60, and as soon as my wife realized that all her jewelry and such could go in it, she went wild (and I'm glad!).

    It's a hostile takeover and my guns are already starting to compete for space. :)

    So I'll repeat the best advice I got: get the biggest you can afford. You will be surprised at how quick it fills.
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